Monday, May 30

Back in Shanghai!

I am finally finished with my spring semester of university. On my first day of summer break, I decided to "reward" myself with a trip to Central's Wang Fu dumpling restaurant on Wellington Street.
 I have passed the numerous dumpling places around the area many times before but it was never an appropriate time to go eat. So since my friends still had exams and my boyfriend was working, I made the trip alone to Wang Fu after reading about it on Back On The Boat. I ordered the Leek & Pork dumplings, Shredded Potatoes, and some good old Soya Milk.

Shredded Potatoes - HK$15
It was a tad bit oily and salty, but it was also kinda crispy with a soury taste. I'm not complaining, since it was a lot better than all the crap I had been eating while studying for exams!

Leek & Pork Dumplings - HK$35
After living in Beijing for over 10 years, I think I've really become a bit Northern. I looooove dumplings, so I was pretty excited to eat these. They don't have too much choice on their menus like in China, but I decided to go with leek and pork since it's pretty standard. Man just looking at this photo makes me hungry!

They were quite juicy and full of flavor. I definitely recommend paying a visit here, and I would also go back there myself. The place is run by this old lady and she's quite cute. I felt bad when she took my order cause she would have to shuffle to the other site of the restaurant to give my order to the kitchen.

After dumplings, I headed over to H&M. Loving all the colors! I bought myself 4 tank tops. I almost bought this fuschia romper, but they only had size 38 and 40 left!

After shopping at H&M, I headed back to my dorm to rest (shopping is a tiring sport) and waited till my friend was done with her exam for dinner at Hang Hau. This was what I wore that day. Totally wrong choice of outfit for the super killer heat, despite the previous few days being much cooler! Shorts would have been a smarter choice.
Shirt and jeans from a market in Beijing
H&M vest
Chain from Beijing Panjiayuan Market (side note: Jessica Alba was shopping there on her trip to Beijing)
Pull & Bear flats
Zara belt
Rose ring from boutique in Miramar from aaaaages ago

These are the 4 tops I got from H&M.

Love the color and length of this, perfect for the summer by itself or paired with shorts.

The same tank as the above, but for some reason it's shorter and the shape is not as nice. But I still love the color. Can't get enough of basics and neutrals.

Still debating on whether or not I should return this. Any thoughts? A bit pricier at HK$149, but hey, it's organic cotton.

Another tank top. I don't really have much black in my wardrobe since it's not so much my color but I loved how soft it was and the back of it so I couldn't resist.

For dinner, we headed to Pokka Cafe. I ordered the Hamburger Baked Rice, and it cost a whopping HK$88. It was good and all, but totally not worth that much money. I don't think I'll be going back.

We then headed to Marks & Spencer. After spending so much that day (yeah HK$400 something is a lot to me...but hey, I'm on a student budget!), I didn't really want to buy more. But I was having a sweet tooth so I bought these gummies. They were SO DELICIOUS.

Excuse my gross manicure.

So now I'm back in Shanghai after randomly deciding to come back two days ago. Not as glad to be back as I had hoped but I'm enjoying the food! Posts on that later. And also some other stuff from before exams!

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  1. Girl you are so skinny! Love that blue blouse you're wearing though. :)