Thursday, September 30


So this just showed up on my Facebook feed...

(source: YSL's Facebook page)

Never expected in a million years to find a photo of myself on there. That day was freakin hot and that was my attempt at staying cool in the heat.

I'm wearing: my trusty white Topshop tank (which I really need to get a new one cause I wear it so much that it's just so gross now), H&M denim skirt, red Pedder Red bag, an H&M chain necklace, and a big chunky chain that I got in Beijing for super cheap!

I got to Central an hour before they were going to start handing out the Manifesto and wristlet, and I thought it'd be on Wyndham Street again. But then I wandered to the YSL store and found a sign saying it was by Statue Square. Since Chloe was busy and planned to meet me right before they started handing out the stuff, I had to line up all by myself. It was like 1000 degrees outside that day and the lining up was quite unbearable, especially when there was no shade. But once they officially started, the line went pretty quickly. The wristlet was gone in maybe 10 minutes.

Anyways, here are some crappy photos I took on my phone cause I couldn't be bothered to bring my Nikon out that day. Sorry for the shitty quality in advance.

And just cause I'm posting crappy photos, here's another:

A new H&M opened up at Diamond Hill's Plaza Hollywood. The storefront is quite huge for a shop inside the mall. Looked around in it for a bit but it seemed a little small, just cause it's one floor and everything seems to be squished together.

Next post will include some better quality photos. Promise.

Tuesday, September 28

Lily Donaldson modeling for G2000...what?!

In the past week, I was observing G2000's fw2010 campaign. To my surprise, I saw Lily Donaldson's face. I didn't know G2000 was that big, and that Lily would do such a job... Didn't take any photos cause I'm always too lazy to bring my camera out with the super heavy 18-105mm lens. Seriously kills my neck. Really need to get myself a smaller lens so I won't be too lazy to carry my camera out. Or I need a lighter camera for everyday I miss my Cybershot DSC-T50.

Saturday, September 25

New York Fashion Week Part 92384982396

Side note: HAPPY 100th POST to all 0 followers out there!

Cynthia Steffe
, Nanette Lepore

Something about the fabrics used in the first look makes me interested. And that long pink dress has so much flow, and despite it having so much volume, it looks super comfy.

Diesel Black Gold, Tory Burch

Imitation, Elise Øverland

J. Mendel

Although I am not a fan of fur, I have to say, these dresses are sooooooooooooooo sweet. The mix of pleating and draping is just great. I'm in love with these! Also loving the extra effect that the shoes add to the looks. Lovely!

Ralph Lauren

Country meets glamor. Loving everything from the clothes to the hair to the make-up to the shoes.


Wednesday, September 22

Separated at Birth

Left: A look from the Hervé Léger collection, Right: A look from the Christopher Kane collection

New York Fashion Week Part 92384982395

Vivienne Tam

Although I prefer Vivienne Tam's gorgeous dresses, I think these looks seem to be more comfy and suited for running around and doing errands. Not a fan of the shoes, though.

Marc Jacobs

I'm liking the dark makeup and voluminous waves. I'm also digging the colors that he used, especially the maroon. My favorite look would probably be the last one on Freja, just cause I love a good dress.

Badgley Mischka

Mark Badgley and James Mischka always know how to make dresses that are so sexy and beautiful. The makeup reminds me of a doll, which I think should have been done in another way. My favorite look would have to be the first white dress because it's sexy in a not-to-revealing way.

Vera Wang

I'm crazy for Jac at the moment. I first saw her in Teen Vogue's September 2008 Best Western photo shoot. The hair reminds me of something futuristic. It kind of looks like a side-beehive. My favorite look would be the last one on Jac for the use of sheer with the blue lining and paired with the white skirt. Really loving those shoes.


The Mulleavy sisters are really innovative and come up with the coolest stuff. However, I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan of their work, since I'm more into the clean cut and the more conventional type of "pretty".

Michael Kors

Loving the bright colors and the clean cut designs. Though simple, the looks are certainly interesting. My favorite look would have to be on Jac again, since the dress has a very intriguing design to it.

Dennis Basso

Certainly an interesting design on the dress with all the waves of fabric. It seems a little awkward for the model, since her arm seems to dangle awkwardly.

Proenza Schouler

There is an interesting use of fabrics for the designs. Again, not really the conventional type of "pretty". However, I'm loving those shades!

Herve Leger

Max and Lubov Azria always know how to make the best body con dresses. And they seem to never fail to impress on their designs. This collection has a lot of pattern, texture and volume. The shades of pale pink they used really complement their designs. My favorite look would be the third dress, which is very ballerina-esque.

Milly, Karen Walker & Elie Tahari

3.1 Philip Lim

Loving that tassel belt on Tao. The sheer jacket on Jac is also to die for, a very interesting fabric choice which goes quite well with a trench. Philip Lim's tailored looks are well-constructed, yet still innovative and interesting. My favorite look would have to be the one on Jac.


One word: gorgeous! Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig sure know how to design dresses to make a girl feel like a princess or queen. Pretty much the whole collection was jaw-dropping with the dresses that have so much volume and texture, yet still leaving you feeling sexy.