Monday, April 30

Pharrell Williams and Angelababy for GAP in Hong Kong

GAP got good reception for their campaigns in Hong Kong featuring one celebrity from Hong Kong/China and one from the U.S. This one was released most recently, and I'm pretty sure Pharrell took it when he was (still is, maybe?) in Hong Kong for his talk at Liberatum. I must say I'm a little jealous of Angelababy at this point, not only is she considered to be Asia's hottest model and every guy's goddess, she got to shoot with Pharrell.

Topshop in Shen Zhen

I've always wondered why there isn't Topshop in Hong Kong, seeing as it's available in Singapore and Japan, both comparable metropolitan cities in Asia.. Anyway, news is that Topshop is going to be having a "pop-up store", in other words a temporary store in ShenZhen, which is really convenient to get to by MTR (Lo Wu Station) from Hong Kong. The store will open in May 1st at King Glory Plaza, Renmingnan Road, Luohu ShenZhen (深圳罗湖区嘉宾路铂金广场).

I am expecting a lot of people going to be there on the first day, as May 1st is labor day, and also cause they are doing a promotion limited to the first day, where if you gather 50 people to enter the store at the same time, you get 15% off your purchase!

For more information and updates, you can following Topshop's Weibo account (equivalent to Twitter in China) and the Popup store website!

Friday, April 27

Revlon Guava vs Mock Snob

The two polishes were both super pigmented and easy to apply. Could pull it off in two coats. However, one huge disappointment is that it dries significantly darker than in the bottle. I know a lot of polishes tend to do that, but it made me really sad since I originally bought them because of how bright they seemed.

Guava on forefinger and Mock Snob on the rest. Because of how it dries a lot darker than it is in the bottle, Mock Snob turned out to be more of a red-orange than a coral.

The brush for Top Speed in comparison to the Colorstay series is a lot thinner and longer. I think both are easy to work with, it just depends on your personal preference.

Wednesday, April 25

Revlon Polishes: Mock Snob, Guava, Buttercup

Yesterday I stopped by Watsons and picked up three nail polishes. Yesterday was their last day for 20% off on Top Speed polishes. The two I got from that collection is Mock Snob, and Guava. I also got from their Colorstay collection, Buttercup.

Left to Right: Revlon TopSpeed Mock Snob, Revlon TopSpeed Guava, Revlon Colorstay Buttercup

Buttercup is a really pretty pastel yellow. The formula is a little bit streaky but still workable. I applied three coats to get a better texture, even though I usually only like to wear two coats. The brush is really flat and thick, similar to the OPI ones. The Colorstay collection claims to last for 11 days, even though I would hardly ever want to wear a color for 11 days before wanting to switch it up. I'm quite excited to try Mock Snob and Guava in the next few days and will probably do a comparison swatch since the colors are a little similar, with Mock Snob more coral, and Guava pink.

Sunday, April 8

Butter London Tart with a Heart and Essie Lady Like

I used one coat of Essie Lady Like underneath a thick coat of Butter London Tart with a Heart. The photos really don't do the real combination justice because it is so much more glittery than is shown through the camera.

Thursday, April 5

Essie Lapis of Luxury

I think this nail polish came out in summer 2010. I bought it last year, and rarely wore it, but today I decided to dig through my nail polish stash and saw this gorgeous color. I think I've only worn it once since I got it, and am so glad that I found it again today because its such a pretty pastel to wear for the spring! The formula is quite sheer, if you want to go for a jelly look, you can just wear two coats. However, it looked a little too streaky for me so I did three coats for more opacity.

It even goes with my keyboard cover!