Thursday, April 30

Matthew Williamson for H&M Summer Collection (part 3) - Campaign & Party

Part three: Campaign & Launch Party Photos
All photos from H&M, except last few from Getty Images through Zimbio

Ah, that dress! Oooh, and it's the men's belt on her. Daria Werbowy looks great!

Matthew Williamson modeling his own clothes. Can't believe it was his first time designing menswear.

Matthew Williamson for H&M Summer Collection Launch Party in NYC:

Helena Christensen, Grace Jones - Her shoes are so fab!

Lucy Liu, Adrien Brody - Somebody needs a haircut and a shave! Man, his highlights too. Wow, he looks awful!

Zoe Buckman & David Schwimmer, Margarita Van de Bosch

Daria Werbowy & Matthew Williamson. I really wanted that sequins dress! Daria looks kinda stoned & pissed off.

Ahhh! Lily Donaldson! Love her.

Selita Ebanks, Mary-Kate Olsen

Bar Rafaeli - a little underdressed!, Chanel Iman - forgot her pants at home & looking way too skinny.

Erin Fetherston, Alexis Bledel - love her dress!

Patricia Fields, Amanda Setton - Almost didn't recognize her smiling!


Dree Hemingway, Yigal Azrouel and Zani Gugelmann

H&M opens at Joy City, Xidan in the basement I think tomorrow (or rather, today since it's 2AM :/). Also, the second part of the Matthew Williamson Collab launches on May 14. The day I am done with IB exams. So excited. Hopefully I'll be there in time to grab some stuff! Or else, I'll be angry!

Matthew Williamson for H&M Summer Collection (part 2) - Men

Part two: Men's collection
All photos from H&M.

Oooh, I really like that first jacket.

I think I want these sweaters for myself.

Motif of peacock feathers. I like how MW mixed it up by using skulls. Also, loving the pattern in the second shirt!

Oooh I like these shoes.

Wednesday, April 29

Matthew Williamson for H&M Summer Collection (part 1) - Women

Pics from the Matthew Williamson for H&M Collaboration Part 2 - Summer Collection are out. After seeing all the photos, I really, really, really want to shop. Warning: Image heavy post. I've split the post into 3 parts (Women's Collection, Men's Collection, and Campaign/Party photos). Enjoy!
All photos from H&M.

Part one: Women's Collection

Matthew Williamson uses a lot of patterns & colors and I'm loving it.

The details on the vest look great!

Flowy tops, so comfy looking!

I think the black dress looks a lot nicer than the pink top.

I like the details of the blue skirt, which was in the part 1 collection. Oh random but I share the same initials as Matthew Williamson!

Loving the blue dress.

Again, loving the patterns, especially the last one. Can't wait till exams are finally over so I can go swim.