Sunday, December 19


(excuse my gross face)
Zara knit cardigan, white t-shirt dress from Beijing market, H&M chain necklace, black flats from Causeway Bay

Grey knit scarf from Beijing market

Vintage Coach bag

Another outfit from October, added the scarf and bag at night to go to TST and have dumplings! This was around when the weather was starting to get cold and I got a little excited and pulled out my scarf! :D But it's finally cold so I can wear it again.

Thursday, December 16

Zac Posen Pre-Fall 2011

images from

Side note: None of them do it quite like Hilary Rhoda. Maybe Crystal Renn.
Though I have to say, I found some of their posing somewhat strange. More on

Tuesday, December 14

I'm on a roll.

H&M sheer dress shirt, black H&M slip, plum Uniqlo tights, black flats from Causeway Bay, silver chain necklace from Beijing Panjiayuan market

Zara blazer

Wore this in late October. I think it was around the period when the weather was super cold for awhile. Felt super formal that day and slightly like I was showing off too much since the slip shrank in the dryer, but at least I was wearing tights.

I've had no motivation to dress up mostly because it's exam time and I've been locked up in my room, and when I do go out, it's to grab dinner. But also because this weather is so unpredictable. One day it's 25+ degrees with the sun shining, and another it's in the low 20's and wind. And also cause I haven't done my laundry in at least a month. Yeah, I'm lazy like that. But good thing I overpack for college and brought all my clothes.

Anyways, it's 2:37 and I should be asleep. More studying tomorrow, I have a an exam on Friday for my Chinese Cultural Revolution course, and on Saturday for Human Resources Management. Fun.

Friday, December 10


Zara top, grey Uniqlo cami, green Zara TRF shorts, vintage bag

Ignore my yucky eyebags and pimple. This is what I wore in October for a visit with my dorm to the Hong Kong Arts Centre for the Popping Up exhibition, as well as dinner and shopping with Chloe in TST. I'm already missing the sunny weather for shorts and short sleeves. When it's hot, I want it cold, and when it's cold, I want it hot. Well it's kind of in between hot and cold. I want proper cold weather with coats and gloves and many layers of clothing.

Anyways, I love this vintage bag that I got in Prague when I went to Europe with my friends. I still remember making it my goal to go vintage shopping and come back with loads of vintage goods. But stupid me, of course everything will be relatively pricey. However, I'm glad I came across this bag.

It's big enough to fit all of my things in. And there are pockets in the front and back on the outside. And there's also a smaller one on the inside with a zipper. The only problem is that being vintage, it's got all these makeup stains on the inside. Its kinda gross, but in a way weird to think about what the owner was like.

And of course, a trip out will not be complete without me spending money. I have always had a thing for basics and this top from H&M just couldn't pass! It's super soft and convenient for when I don't feel like thinking about what to wear. Plus it's $79.90!

Lastly, to complete everything, I had to be a stalker of course and take pictures of this girl. Though individually, the pieces she wore were okay, I wasn't really feeling her overall outfit choice.

It's kind of hard to see her complete look since I could only get shots of her from the back. But is it just me, is it not weird?

Monday, December 6


Wore this out to lunch with my mom and brother during the summer in August for Japanese food nearby our house back when I was still in Beijing.

Zara military jacket, plain white tank from a market, H&M skinny jeans, my mom's old rhinestone key necklace, Pedder Red nude sandals and my mom's vintage Celine bag

So sad my sandals are breaking :( Didn't even wear them that much!

I absolutely love the chain on this bag!


So during the summer, my sister and I were digging through my mom's bag collection one night. I think we were talking about how many designer bags she had, and so we ran up to her closet. I seriously had no idea she had this bag! And there were tons of other awesome bags. We have a "rental" system right now. I get this, and my sister gets another. Love, love, love love LOVE this bag! The shape is great, the chain is great and the color. The only problem is that it needs a little polishing.

While I'm talking about bags and the summer, I was actually planning on doing a bag post for awhile now. This summer, I got 4 bags (including this Celine).

First bag, from my sister. A vintage Coach from New York. This bad is nice and convenient for when I'm just in a rush to go out and run errands or grab dinner.

My Mulberry Alexa fake from Beijing. I know fakes are baaaad but this was 80 RMB (almost the same as HKD, around 10 USD). 80 FREAKIN RMB! So cheap. I really liked the color. And it's somewhat different from the real one.

I love the amount of compartments that the inside has. A pocket in the back, a compartment with the zipper in the middle and small pockets on the inner front area.

The last bag I got was this Burberry purse from my mom and dad for my birthday. My mom was saying that I didn't really have a smaller purse for when I just want to carry my phone or money. But I was actually thinking the opposite. I don't have any big bags where I can throw everything in. I'm actually thinking this was better than a big bag (apart from the fact that I'd be too spoiled to be gifted a larger designer bag..) because my shoulder is usually dead after carrying my agnes b. bag around for a few hours, even when it doesn't have that much in it.

I love the detail on the strap buckle, with 'Burberry' engraved on it. To be honest, I actually didn't like this purse that much at first, just cause I'm not really a purse kind of person. I feel like it's so...middle school? But it's somewhat grown on me.

Anyways, off to bed, way too unproductive day today. Back to more studying tomorrow, exams coming up :( sigh... On the bright side, Christmas is coming up, which means Christmas shopping and Christmas presents :D And Australia & Shanghai!

Friday, December 3

Forever 21 Rumor?

Awhile back, Chloe posted about Forever 21 opening in Hong Kong. I know many people have been waiting and waiting and waiting for the news of the exact locations. According to the article Chloe read, it was possibly opening where the big Giordano is by the MTR exit F in Causeway Bay now.

Well, by the looks of it, it doesn't seem like Giordano will be closing down any time soon. I've also been digging through Forever 21's website, trying to find any press articles or new stores. Just today, I came across their new stores list.

No sign of Hong Kong opening a new store. So then I went and looked for when the Shibuya store would be opening, and I found a post from Fashion In Japan that said the store would be opening in January.

So, is Forever 21 in Hong Kong just a rumor then? I'm thinking so. Or maybe Giordano's lease isn't up yet, and Forever 21 will be opening there in a year's time?

Thursday, December 2


So yesterday, I went and got myself the Lanvin x H&M trench coat with the fur trim and the men's coat with gold buttons. After talking to my sister, I think I'm going to return the trench, just cause $2990 is waaaay too much money for it. Plus, it's one month's allowance for me. Anyways, here are some photos.

It was super stringy at the bottom of the trench. Made my legs itch so much when i was trying it on.

Going to go tomorrow sometime to return the trench. Still debating on the men's coat. Hmm.

Wednesday, December 1

Totally unexpected

Just went to Diamond Hill to have dinner and do some shopping. As I was passing H&M and going up the escalator to the food court, I caught a glimpse of the Lanvin for H&M floral patterned dress. Immediately, my friend and I went back down the escalator and ran for the rack!

The only things left were two floral patterned dresses, a blazer, a trench with the fur trim, faux fur coat and the puffed sleeve black dress.

This coat was $2990 and size 32. Normally I wear 36 for coats, since I have wider shoulders but it seemed to fit okay. I decided to just go for it and so I bought it. I have 7 days to decide if I want to return it. After getting it, I decided to go for dinner and go back to H&M after. Had to get the jacket before someone else did!

I think it was size 38 or 40 that was left.

Same as this one. Size 38 or 40 I think.

Didn't look that great in real life. I don't know, just not my style.

I think this one was 38 too.

I might also have seen a girl holding the gold dress, but I didn't see it on the rack and that was my second time into H&M when I saw her holding it by the rack.

And of course, all the accessories were sold out except for these shoes.

In the men's section, there were three coats, a dress shirt, cardigan, and trousers.

Bought this coat for my dad. Hopefully a size 50 will fit him and he'll like it. Kinda plain. Still deciding..

I think these trousers had a little buckle thing at the back of the trousers, can't find another pair on the H&M website that looked like the ones I saw.

The dress shirt.

Took some pics of the trench & jacket I got, will post later.

If anyone is still looking for some Lanvin for H&M, then go now to Diamond Hill's Plaza Hollywood!

Sunday, November 28

Re: Broken Shoes

Not as retarded-ly as Matilda's, but my shoes have decided to die on me too. But I'm glad since they smell like dead rotten fish (it even looks like it in the picture). I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about, if you've worn flats. They smell so bad. Anyway, these flats have been pretty obedient to me for the past several months, no straps broke, cause there are none, and they certainly didn't try to journey off without me on a train. It's just the rubber part of the heel that is falling apart. I've been wearing them everyday since I'm too lazy to retrieve my other ones from my grandma's place and now it's time for them to RIP.

After work today, I decided to go buy a new pair of winter shoes - it's a colorful tweed material that I think will brighten up winter outfits. How exciting!