Saturday, October 30

RIP :(

My hat!!! :(
I'm so sad....I lost it around a year ago when I was back in Beijing.
I still remember, bought it at The Village after going to Kanye's Glow in The Dark concert!
I think it was from all the excitement and adrenaline.
Been on the lookout for another one but it's just now the same.

Thursday, October 28


Holy moly macaroni. I am excited to shop on Saturday. Despite the fact that I overspent last month. And I realize I kinda sounded spoiled in saying "I-don't-care-what-my-dad-says", but really, I do try to watch my spendings. I mean, I keep track of every cent I spend on an Excel spreadsheet! But every so often, I feel the need to reward myself. And I've also been tutoring a 2 & 3 year old English recently, just waiting on teaching 4 classes before I can get my salary!

Anyways, so I've been planning for my shopping trip by doing my research. Ever since I was preparing to move to Hong Kong during the summer of 2009, I've been digging through sites to find vintage stores. I think it's from all the blogs I read that mention vintage items, especially Sea of Shoes. She always looks fabulous in all her vintage pieces. So yeah, finally found a bunch of stores. Okay, enough words, going to share some with you!

HK Magazine's article Rock Solid includes some new and pricey pieces at the top. But if you scroll down, there's a bunch of stuff on vintage stores. If you want to know more, check out the article. I don't want to overwhelm you with words!

Armour Antique - 45 Staunton St., Central, 2803-7877

Select 18 - Shop A, G/F, Grandview Garden, 18 Bridges St., Central, 9310-6168

Ladyplace - Unit A, 1/F, World Trust Tower, 50 Stanley St., Central, 2854-2321

SatisFactory Vintage Emporium - 2/F, 6 Pak Sha Rd, Causeway Bay, 9783-5141

Another page I found was from Time Out while browsing through their website, 50 Best Independent Shops. Apart from fashion, they have other categories of shops like food and books. I actually found this page before the HK Magazine one. It's what sparked my initial plan to go vintage shopping this weekend. While some of their shops seem rather pricey, I'm still excited to check them all out.

Vintage HK - G/F, 57-59 Hollywood Rd, Central, 2545 9932.

Another shot of Select 18.

Voodooist Eye - 2/F, Hollywood Hse, 27-29 Hollywood Rd, Central, 2986 6368.

Hoping to check out as many of these shops as possibly, and hopefully get some photos in!

Tuesday, October 26


Been procrastinating and studying and working on group projects, hence the lack of posts. Will post some random crap tmrw about some of my buys recently and my broken shoes :(

Here's a random thing for now, got it in my email today!

Click to enlarge! For the full newsletter, go to WWW.
(source: WhoWhatWear)

I love Dries! The first thing I looked at was probably the blazer because I have an undying love for blazers. I currently have 5, all from Zara. The second thing I looked at would be the grey sweater (#4). And I was super excited when I saw that it was actually from Zara for US$40! Not only do I love grey, but the weather is final-freakin-ly getting cold and this sweater would be PERFECT to just laze around in and pair with tights or something.

I am already planning my shopping weekend now. Though I spent HK$5000 last month on so much random shit, I guess I really haven't learned my lesson yet on not spending so much! But anyways, who cares (my dad of course, though he didn't say anything when I told him, hm..), I am still going and nothing is going to stop me. So yeah, planning on visiting a bunch of vintage shops, been meaning to do so for such a long time! And I finally read about some from one of Time Out Hong Kong's articles about shops in Hong Kong. Yup, I can't wait.

Too much text, post again laterrrr.

Sunday, October 17

H&M Nov/Dec 2010 Pieces

The H&M Nov/Dec pics are out! I was just at H&M today and I actually already saw two of the things, the purple printed cropped jacket and the pink-green-grey-yellow lace heel. I'd say I'm not that excited about these pieces, but I think the metallic one shoulder dress is quite nice and some of the accessories.

Love the color

Hmmmm, this reminds me of Valentino (shown on the right), no?

These look cute, though I think it'd prob look not as nice in real life, just cause a lot of their things tend to be that way.

LOVE THIS! Not that I'd ever dare to wear it though.

Thursday, October 14


Yesterday's Outfit

Vintage Escada shirt that I got in Amsterdam last summer.
H&M jeans
Gold chain and Silver chain, both from Pan Jia Yuan in Beijing

The shirt's buttons are on the back and it didn't occur to me until I put it on yesterday that I had been wearing it wrong last year. Even though the label is on the button side, somehow it just didn't click in my head. Silly me.

Tuesday, October 12


I've been super busy with studying for midterms last week, and having my midterms this week. I just had one yesterday and another three starting tomorrow, so life SUCKS.

But here is a quick post on two outfits in September. Nothing special, really. They're shit quality from Photo Booth cause I can't be bothered to take out my Nikon and I also don't want to ask anyone to take photos for me.

September 10, 2010

Super casual day. Gets hard to dress up in college when everyone else is wearing student society t-shirts. I'm wearing my Danny Roberts shirt that my sister gave me. She just so happened to get an extra when she ordered hers! Lucky for me! Also wearing my green Zara TRF shorts from aaaages ago.

September 30, 2010

New buy. Sheer dress shirt from H&M. Saw it in the H&M Magazine while dropping by Diamond Hill to check out the new store and just had to have it! And as you can see, I don't like to iron my clothes. Worn with H&M skinny jeans and my mom's vintage Celine bag, which I've been meaning to post about but I'm super lazy. Hopefully around next week!

Friday, October 8

Elie Saab is just fab.

Loving the collection.

I've always adored this chartreuse shade of green and the mix of textures and layering in this look kind of makes me love this shade of green more. I'm also loving the extra effect that those cuffs have on Karlie's look.

Again with the green! The sequins are so dreamy.

Who doesn't love form flattering dresses and especially chiffon? And this shade of peachy pink? Probably just me, hah.

Another one of my favorite looks on Anja. Looks comfy yet still she looks so gorgeous. I'm missing her fierce short do but she looks so pretty with her long hair too.