Tuesday, October 26


Been procrastinating and studying and working on group projects, hence the lack of posts. Will post some random crap tmrw about some of my buys recently and my broken shoes :(

Here's a random thing for now, got it in my email today!

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(source: WhoWhatWear)

I love Dries! The first thing I looked at was probably the blazer because I have an undying love for blazers. I currently have 5, all from Zara. The second thing I looked at would be the grey sweater (#4). And I was super excited when I saw that it was actually from Zara for US$40! Not only do I love grey, but the weather is final-freakin-ly getting cold and this sweater would be PERFECT to just laze around in and pair with tights or something.

I am already planning my shopping weekend now. Though I spent HK$5000 last month on so much random shit, I guess I really haven't learned my lesson yet on not spending so much! But anyways, who cares (my dad of course, though he didn't say anything when I told him, hm..), I am still going and nothing is going to stop me. So yeah, planning on visiting a bunch of vintage shops, been meaning to do so for such a long time! And I finally read about some from one of Time Out Hong Kong's articles about shops in Hong Kong. Yup, I can't wait.

Too much text, post again laterrrr.

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