Saturday, December 19

New Fings.

UNIQLO Men's Blue Cardigan, HK$199

PEDDER RED Booties, HK$700

Christmas shopping turned shopping for myself. I fail.

Monday, December 7


Hi, we've (or really, I've) been out of the loop recently but I guess it's cause we've all been busy. And I haven't really been keeping up with fashion. :(

Anyways, for lack of a better update, here's some stuff I tried on at AX and Zara a few weeks ago.

Excuse my face. I had to (not really, I had one I could wear!) pick out a dress for my Management society's Mentoring Program High Table Dinner and being the loser that I am, I walked into AX, cause I can totally afford the stuff...I personally like the black one better. But the teal is a nice color!

Of course, since I'm getting a dress, I might as well go and buy a shirt too, using the excuse of how I have to wear a suit for presentations in class. I ended up getting the one on the left. But I really want the one on the right too. The only problem is that it's see through.

In the end, I got this dress <3. I look pregnant < / 3.