Monday, March 14

Mega & Mega Vintage

London-esque store, with the fitting room designed in the form of a London phone booth (image from Pandanomo's Flickr)

One thing I miss most about Beijing is knowing my way around, and all those familiar restaurants and places that I go to. I was just thinking about vintage shopping (again), and I happened to stumble upon Mega & Mega Vintage's blog page again. I found out about it a year or so back when I was browsing Lookbook's China/Beijing page. I've been wanting to pay M&M Vintage a visit, but since I no longer live in Beijing, I can't really do that!

Well anyway, just thought I'd share some photos.
(From their photo gallery)
Ahhhh mountains of bags!!

A vintage dress from their most recent collection of dresses (season 23), more can be found in their photo gallery

Another dress from season 11, from their blog

A dress from season 16. I'm usually not much of fan for red, but there's something about this dress that I really like.

Sunday, March 6

American Eagle in HK

I feel like they are a few years late on this...


Excuse my feet...

H&M jacket and jeans, Celine bag

I usually get really annoyed with my hair in my face, so this is a nice way to get rid of hair from my face. Found the tutorial on cutesygirl09's YouTube page. Just did a quick search and I guess she deleted it. Well, it's nothing that special, just twisting hair in so that you can pin it at the back.

On another note, there's the Lanvin for H&M men's coat that I got for my dad, but later returned. I guess that was a good idea, ended up getting a cookbook and marking down a few recipes to cook him (never happened), but that saved me a few thousand HKD.

Marketing quiz on Tuesday and I'm procrastinating by blogging, as always. Better go sleep and study effectively tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 2

And another outfit

From Oct 30

Zara Trench, H&M shirt and jeans, Chain from Beijing Panjiayuan market, Pedder Red bag, Scarf from another Beijing market, Flats from a Causeway Bay store

This scarf is just 30 RMB, what a steal.