Sunday, July 4

Styling tips on beating the heat

It's summer and everywhere around the world is about a million and two degrees out. I have a planned trip to Singapore in August, and the only thing I'm worried about how close to naked I can get before getting cited for indecent exposure. So here are some tips I came up with that I would like to share:

1. Trapeze tops - some nice ones here, here, and here. All of which I'm totally digging, and wish I didn't have to pay a fortune for shipment fee. They give you room for ventilation, and a way to play with proportions if you pair it with a micro bottom.

2. Prints! Summer collections are always full of prints, so this one is easy to go. Some nice printed tops here, here, and here. These printed tops can help you hide those sweat stains. But they can't replace deodorant, so please still put on some of that beforehand.

3. Built-in Ventilation tops. These ones might be a little harder to pull off, but if you have a sexy back, why not let it breathe. If interested, click here, here, and here.

Most important of all, don't forget to put on sunscreen!

trapeze dress and clogs

Two items on my wishlist that I would wear everyday all summer long.
Trapeze dress and some Michael Kor clogs.

Summer Nails

One thing of the many things I miss when moving from Beijing to Hong Kong is the cheap manicures. They are so expensive here in HK, and so are nail polish. You can buy OPI easily at some Watsons now (and also at Sephora before it left), but the price isn't so appealing. With all these barriers, I have just decided to just go on and play around with "try on this color".

These are the four colors that I would probably be wearing all summer. Some pastel pink and purple to bring out the girly side, and then the bright orange and green for some excitement, especially when I'm at work sitting in the all day facing the computer. At least then, I'll have my nails to stare at when I'm typing away all day.

Saturday, July 3

Forever 21 in Hong Kong

Forever 21 is going to open in Hong Kong next year. Without copying their competitor H&M, the 5 story flagship store is going to be located at the Jardine's Bazaar (across MTR exit F, currently a Giordano store) in Causeway Bay.

Personally, I think they will be successful here and won't end up with a story like Sephora and Krispy Kreme. Mostly because H&M gives a great example of how much Cantos welcome 'cheap fashion'. However, whether Forever 21 will be able to expand as well as their competitor, that will be left at question.
I do know that Forever 21 moved its way to Singapore for a while already, and it's quite popular there. But, I also know that there is a bunch of Singaporeans that would fly up here to Hong Kong for H&M. Either way, cheap clothes for me makes me happy.

What do you think??

Update (Dec14): new post on the probably-not Forever 21 opening in Hong Kong