Monday, October 3

It's Getting Colder!

Yes to 24 degree weather! It's finally gotten cold enough to take my Monki boots out for a spin. Loving the typhoon weather, especially when it turns to typhoon 8 and it's a day off!
Monki sweater, jeans and boots, House of Harlow necklace, Agnes B watch, Gold bracelet

Finally tried out this bun-maker thing I bought in Beijing. My layered hair still hasn't grown out enough to do this! Also wearing my safety pin earrings that I got aaaages ago. Haven't worn earrings in so long that my earlobes hurt!

Thursday, September 29

Friday, July 29

Separated At Birth

Left: Emily Blunt, Right: Jennifer Lawrence
(image source: Holy Taco & Perez Hilton)

Wednesday, July 27

My mom bought this base coat from Muji awhile ago and I finally painted my nails with it.

My initial reaction is that it smells super delicious, like candy!

Finished nails:
Color: Essie's Topless & Barefoot. It's a very pinkish nude. You can't really tell in this photo but applying Essie nail polish is not an easy job. Because it's a light shade, when applying a second layer, you need to spread it out evenly. Going back over parts near the cuticles kinda ruin the nails and spreads the polish to the tips. I definitely think OPI is better. But I can't wait till Chloe gets back to try out the Illamasqua nail polish!

Will wait a few more days till I see how good this base coat is.

Thursday, July 21

Old Photos from Shanghai

Seriously been procrastinating on posts. My internship has been super busy as of late. Almost the end and a little behind schedule on our project and so we're cramming!

Here are some old photos from late May that I finally decided to post.

Brunch at Nova

Eggs, eggs, and eggs!

My salmon. Mmmm

My dad's steak

Dinner at a Korean Restaurant in Pudong's Big Thumb Plaza

om nom nom egg roll

Last but not least, my favorite shoes of all time:

Just kidding. You didn't really think I was serious did you?

Friday, July 1

Milan (Birthday) Splurge

I'm currently in Edinburgh right now staying at my brother's apartment. Our family just came back from a 10 day Italy tour, we went from Rome to Florence to Venice and then to Milan. Just a short debrief - Rome was quite boring for me, but of course still worth a visit because there are so many historical sites to see. Florence was one of my favorites, along with Milan, because they weren't as packed with tourists so you can actually experience Italy. And originally I really wanted to go to Venice because of the Biennial exhibitions but I was stupid to realize late on Sunday that they are closed on Mondays, and we had to leave on Tuesday morning so I wasn't able to see any of it. Haha, overall my stay in Venice was only mediocre cause everything was so expensive and there wasn't much to enjoy besides boat rides - which could be done in other places like HK ferries for example. But anyway, I'm still glad I get to visit before it completely sinks. So all in all, I pretty much got everything a vacation consists: site visiting, good food, and shopping.

Now I'm just going to elaborate on the shopping part! :D Milan is honestly heaven on earth. I mean a lot of the high-end luxury brands are also available in HK but I feel like they're different. I don't know if it has to do with the fact that I go in with my mom knowing that I could convince her to get me something because we're in Italy.. or the fact that the sales don't give you judgmental looks thinking you're just there to see something you don't even intend to buy. So I did in the end have probably the most satisfying shopping experience in my lifetime, which my parents decided to treat as my birthday present. So here are 3 purchases from Milan:

A light pink Calvin Klein leather klutch
Ferragamo flats
And a purplish grey Prada wallet!

My mom also gave me a Burberry handbag earlier as a birthday present.

I'm a really happy (almost) 20 year old girl! I'm also really excited for the rest of my summer because in about 5 days I will be heading to Montreal for a short trip visit to my mom's best friend and family. And for the last part I will be in NY for 6 weeks for an internship! I have 3k of photos on my camera from Italy, though half of it is of food. But I'm sure it will at the very least double by the end of my whole summer, and I'll slowly post them up later!

Hope everyone else is having as great of a summer as I am!

I will end with a super super super super super duper cute skype webcam photo of my silly puppy that I miss so so so so so so much!

Saturday, June 25

32 Degrees

In this 32 degree weather, I wore a sweater.

Monki Sweater, Zara Tank and TRF shorts, Necklace from Panjiayuan Market in Beijing

Tell me I'm the smartest person on Earth.

My day was first spent Yumcha-ing with my grandma, then off to meet my boyfriend to go to Ap Lei Chau's outlet/warehouse shopping. My boyfriend has to be the best boyfriend to agree to going there and watching me shop. We went to Horizon Plaza where there's the Lane Crawford Warehouse, Joyce Warehouse, I.T. Outlet, Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet, Armani Outlet and many more. I have to say it wasn't the best idea to go since I'm not a rich bitch and I don't have a high paying job. But nevertheless, I enjoyed digging through racks and racks of clothes and looking at shoes. There were a few Alexander Wang pieces at the LC & Joyce Warehouse for around HK$1000.

Next we headed to the Prada Space Outlet located in South Horizons' Marina Square. This was probably the highlight of the whole Ap Lei Chau trip, as the stuff in the shop was actually a lot newer and nicer than the ones at Horizon Plaza. I feel in love with the black Prada Cervo leather tote with side zippers for around HK$7000. But being poor me, I only got to drool over it. For more details about Outlet shopping in Ap Lei Chau, check out Butterboom's posts here, here and here.

Lastly we sat down for some dinner at Taco Loco in Soho for some good old Mexican, a great change from eating my grandma's food everyday (not that I'm complaining!). And now there's only one day left of the weekend, and it's back to work!

Oh, dropped by Cher2 in Causeway Bay yesterday, a nail polish store which has branches in Central, Causeway Bay and Mongkok. They offer nail polish brands like Essie, OPI, ORLY, China Glaze and Jessica at a lower price.
Got myself Essie's Da Bush (left) and Topless and Barefoot. Can't wait to try them out. Also got myself Revlon's Steel-her Heart a few weeks ago at Sasa. Yay for a 5% student discount!

And lastly, I can't wait for this! I really want all three.
Image from Refinery29

Wednesday, June 22

I'm a Junkie

I've been super lazy and tired on weekdays, and on weekends, I tend to just laze around or go shop. But today I had a sudden urge to blog. I have a confession: I've become a cosmetic junkie! I blame it on my internship. I'm currently working as a summer marketing intern at Mary Kay, a direct selling cosmetic company. Most people probably have never heard of them since they use the direct selling route, as opposed to the traditional retail route. Over the past few days, I've attended two skin care classes and done tons of browsing and research through magazines and competitors' websites. All this marketing has just made me want to buy buy buy. What amazes me is that a month ago, I couldn't care less about cosmetics! I have THE worst skin care/beauty routine. In fact, it's pretty much non-existent, only including buy-one-get-one-free Natio Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser, Muji Light Toning Water and Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturing Lotion. All the products I use are mostly purchases from my sister or mom, gifts from my Aunt or random discount buys from Sasa.

Me (left) & the other two interns. Taken with my shitty Nokia 2.0 MP camera, first skin care class using the Mary Kay Clay Mask!

What really opened my eyes (and wallet) to cosmetics was definitely attending skin care classes. Depending on the topic of these "classes", you learn the basics about skin and the full routine and steps you should follow, how to apply products and you get to actually use it on your face. More importantly, these classes are free and they really try to emphasize that they aren't going to pressure you into selling. While they may still try to subtly sell to you, its definitely less pushy than the sales you encounter in Hong Kong. The ones I attended were both for skin care routine, which includes five steps (Cleanse, Exfoliate/Mask, Toner, Moisturize, Protect/Sun Screen). We tried out their Botanical Customized Skin Care line and their Clay Mask. After really learning more about skin care, it really made me buy some Mary Kay products or run down to Lane Crawford or Sasa to buy masks and try out different brands like Origins, Nuxe, and Dermologica. Not to be biased because I'm working at Mary Kay now, but their skin care products are actually quite good! You can actually see the results of the Clay Mask whitening, tightening and lifting the skin! They also do a lot of research and consumer studies to support all their product claims.

Here are a few of the products I'm currently lusting over as I am (im)patiently waiting for my mom to come down to Hong Kong so I can make use of that Lane Crawford and Sasa discount of hers!

Top to Bottom, Left to Right:
Pretty much the whole Aveda Botanical Kinetics line, Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel
Aveda Intensive Hydrating Masque, Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask, Nuxe Masque Frais Hydratant
Mary Kay Botanical Customized Skin Care Mask, Kiehl's Pineapple Papaya Facial Scrub, Aveda Deep Cleansing Herbal Clay Masque

On another note, over the weekend, I paid a visit to Langham Place to shop for some Monki and Kiehl's. Monki was having a 50-75% off sale, which was AWESOME. The sale section was around one third of their whole store, I think a lot of the stuff I wanted was still regular priced. I ended up buying a white holey sweater (HK$250 to $125), a pair of jeans (HK$250 to $125) and a pair of boots (HK$400 to $150), which altogether cost me HK$350! As for Kiehl's, I got my boyfriend some skin care products and got myself the Ultra Facial Cleanser. Here are two of the photos I took that day, more on my camera that I still haven't uploaded yet.

Got those boots on the right! Looking forward to the weather getting a bit colder soon! Though I do love summer.

Enough information overload for now, until next time!