Friday, July 1

Milan (Birthday) Splurge

I'm currently in Edinburgh right now staying at my brother's apartment. Our family just came back from a 10 day Italy tour, we went from Rome to Florence to Venice and then to Milan. Just a short debrief - Rome was quite boring for me, but of course still worth a visit because there are so many historical sites to see. Florence was one of my favorites, along with Milan, because they weren't as packed with tourists so you can actually experience Italy. And originally I really wanted to go to Venice because of the Biennial exhibitions but I was stupid to realize late on Sunday that they are closed on Mondays, and we had to leave on Tuesday morning so I wasn't able to see any of it. Haha, overall my stay in Venice was only mediocre cause everything was so expensive and there wasn't much to enjoy besides boat rides - which could be done in other places like HK ferries for example. But anyway, I'm still glad I get to visit before it completely sinks. So all in all, I pretty much got everything a vacation consists: site visiting, good food, and shopping.

Now I'm just going to elaborate on the shopping part! :D Milan is honestly heaven on earth. I mean a lot of the high-end luxury brands are also available in HK but I feel like they're different. I don't know if it has to do with the fact that I go in with my mom knowing that I could convince her to get me something because we're in Italy.. or the fact that the sales don't give you judgmental looks thinking you're just there to see something you don't even intend to buy. So I did in the end have probably the most satisfying shopping experience in my lifetime, which my parents decided to treat as my birthday present. So here are 3 purchases from Milan:

A light pink Calvin Klein leather klutch
Ferragamo flats
And a purplish grey Prada wallet!

My mom also gave me a Burberry handbag earlier as a birthday present.

I'm a really happy (almost) 20 year old girl! I'm also really excited for the rest of my summer because in about 5 days I will be heading to Montreal for a short trip visit to my mom's best friend and family. And for the last part I will be in NY for 6 weeks for an internship! I have 3k of photos on my camera from Italy, though half of it is of food. But I'm sure it will at the very least double by the end of my whole summer, and I'll slowly post them up later!

Hope everyone else is having as great of a summer as I am!

I will end with a super super super super super duper cute skype webcam photo of my silly puppy that I miss so so so so so so much!


  1. Damn. Lucky you!! I've been trying to convince my mom to buy me stuff also. Going to IFC tonight to go shop at Lane Crawford woooo :D I want to see the other 3 things you got!

  2. ^ I work at the TST menswear department, at canton road. :)

    And that is a beautiful burberry handbag! I want one from the Burberry Prorsum collection very badly. There's a blue label just in shatin near where I live.

  3. sounds like you're having an awesome summer! happy birthday and have fun on all your trips!

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