Sunday, November 28

Re: Broken Shoes

Not as retarded-ly as Matilda's, but my shoes have decided to die on me too. But I'm glad since they smell like dead rotten fish (it even looks like it in the picture). I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about, if you've worn flats. They smell so bad. Anyway, these flats have been pretty obedient to me for the past several months, no straps broke, cause there are none, and they certainly didn't try to journey off without me on a train. It's just the rubber part of the heel that is falling apart. I've been wearing them everyday since I'm too lazy to retrieve my other ones from my grandma's place and now it's time for them to RIP.

After work today, I decided to go buy a new pair of winter shoes - it's a colorful tweed material that I think will brighten up winter outfits. How exciting!

Monday, November 22

H&M Opening in Singapore

Just read this... From H&M's website.


H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB takes the first step into South East Asia by opening a store at the best business location on Orchard Road in Singapore’s most central shopping area.

The store will be located in Orchard Building, Singapore, and will have a sales area of approximately 3,000 square metres. The store is planned to open during the autumn of 2011.

– We look forward to opening our first store in South East Asia. There is great potential for expansion in this highly populated and fashion conscious region, and Orchard Road in Singapore is the perfect first step for this, says Karl-Johan Persson, CEO at H&M.

Interesting that it took them so long to make this move. I would have expected them to open there earlier.

Sunday, November 21

What's that?

Qu'est-ce que c'est?

Yes, the ring I just posted about!

So happy to get my hands on it! It was HK$39.9. Not bad :D

Other than that, nothing really out of the ordinary happened. Just my shoe broke, no biggy.

I was walking in Uniqlo and it just broke... -_- I've only had these for half a year, too! :( It must be all those times of having my flip flop stepped on by everyone..

This seems to always happen to me. The other time, I was in Shatin and boarding the train to go find my grandma in Kwun Tong. It was super crowded on the train, and I stepped on, but then got back off cause there was no space. And right when I was getting off, my shoe fell off the doors closed. So then I tried to tell the lady to give me my shoe at the next stop. Luckily, I found it at the next stop, but had to endure all the embarrassment and stares while waiting for the next train to come to get to the next stop. Silly old me.

So, went to H&M to find some shoes. Luckily I had someone to hold on to while I slid my foot on my flip flops all the way down from the 3rd floor of the mall to the first floor.

And now, I have some new shoes to wear in the winter (HK$129). I guess it's somewhat a good thing my flip flops broke, since I was meaning to get a new pair of shoes. I left my converse in Beijing and really don't want to wear my Nike's anymore. Originally, I was planning on getting the grey pair of sneakers from H&M but they didn't have my size. They were also cheaper too! :(

I really do have the worst luck with shoes. I have photos to prove it...

I think it's partly because I walk super fast. I just have a problem with wasting time walking slow.

Sad face. Only had these for about half a year too, just like my Havaianas! And this happened around October. I haven't worn them since.



And another time...

I was going to class and the bottom of my shoe fell apart, so I had to slide my feet on the ground outside (impossible). Maybe I should convince my mom to invest in quality shoes for me!

Friday, November 19

so cute!

This is so cute! I was just going through my receipts (yes I keep my receipts...hah) and I found this one from Monki a few weeks ago with its little characters. I love the colors and the illustrations.

I mentioned in my previous posts that I was going on a shopping trip, mostly for vintage shops, after I was finally free from my never-ending workload. And I've procrastinated on posting about it, but finally, since I'm posting about the receipt, I might as well post about the trip.

First, we stopped by H&M. I feel like I shop there at least twice a month..really does damage to my wallet. But I just can't help buying one or two things from there each time, whether it be accessories or basics.

Though Hong Kong isn't that cold to wear hats in the winter, I got this beret cause I lost my old one :(

Again, HK isn't cold enough for leather gloves, but I'm going back home for winter. Well Shanghai isn't really my home, seeing as I've lived in Beijing my whole life practically. But my parents just moved to Shanghai.

I've been having an obsession with rings recently. I think it was after I saw Lisa O's post on rings, which reminds me. I was looking through H&M's upcoming products that they'll be releasing and this one looked pretty cool.

Gonna be on the lookout for it :)

Had lunch after at Ajisen Ramen, a delish spicy fatty beef ramen.

Then we finally went to do the vintage shopping. Started out by going into the Hollywood Road/ Soho area. Along the way, we passed by a huge crowd. Being true cantos and seeing a line, we went and lined up, since we found out it was where Hong Kong's first milk tea originated.

My friend, Dawn, at the back of the line.

So when we finally got to the front, we realized the line was for eating at the place. Some stupid guy had said that it was the take out line. So in the end, we just stood outside and ordered from a guy who looked too busy for his own good.

Yayz to milk tea. I'm wearing my Zara trench coat, H&M grey long sleeve shirt, H&M Sqin jeans, Pedder Red patent bag, and silver chain from Beijing's Panjiayuan market.

Next, finally onto vintage shopping. We first stopped by Vintage HK.

Bunch of little earrings.

I thought this tooth necklace was super cool, but I wasn't willing to a few hundred HKD on it.

A bunch of vintage rings, again hefty price tag. But they were definitely pretty.

A Bottega Veneta for a few thousand HKD.

I was falling in love with that cute little bow ring and the aviators ring with the black stars. Looked quite cute, but I just felt like that might be something I could find in China. The prices ranged from 150ish to 200ish.

I also thought this skull necklace was kinda cute, and those bone earrings. I kinda never really wear jewelery, despite the fact that I still buy it.

I wanted that chain bracelet, but again, too expensive (around 200-300 HKD) for me to consider.

Super cool vintage watches and other accessories. Few thousand HKD for the watches. Maybe in a few years time!

Vintage sunglasses!

After Vintage HK, we headed to Armour Antique. There was a huge range of gorgeous jewelery, except most of it was above HK$1000, clearly unaffordable for a student like me.

Lastly, we headed to Select 18 to end our vintage trip. It was the furthest away and took a bit of time to walk there. I think one of the satisfying things about going to these little shops is the process of finding them and then finally finding it and discovering a bunch of hidden treasures.

It was definitely fun looking at all the jewelery on this shelf. There was this one tiny purse (can't see in this photo) that I was considering getting, but I thought I probably wouldn't use it too much since it was too fancy and I got 4 new bags this summer.

Bags, and bags, and bags, and more bags! I think they had a second hand Balenciaga at the store.

This shop is literally packed with stuff, not that I'm complaining. Though there weren't that many people after awhile, it was still hard to get around cause there was only enough space to fit one person on the sides. But I definitely think it's worth it.

I didn't take any other photos cause I was too busy digging through all the stuff. Another section was at the back, which included a bunch of menswear, as well as sunglasses. They were pretty awesome, but I'm guessing they cost quite a bit.

These are the pair of earrings I came home with, they cost me after 180 (there was a discount on most items), I think it was about 200 something before.

The owner, Thomas, also said that he had a bunch of Topshop stuff that he didn't take out, so I definitely have something to go back for! There's also a website, which includes an online shop.

Finally, went to Mongkok to meet up with Chloe and another friend for dinner. Since Dawn and I got there early, we decided to stop by Monki to check it out. I didn't take any photos cause it was super crowded in there, that I just wanted to look and get the hell out after.

I found two pieces I liked, one was a tank dress & a black slip that I ended up getting.

The tank dress (HK$150) was something like this. Well, not hard to understand what a tank dress is... I didn't end up getting it cause it seemed kinda baggy near the arm area.

The slip, HK$200. I've been meaning to get one of these, and since I was already spending so much that day anyway, I decided to get it.

Their character is super cute! Loving the design aspect to the brand/store concept, they really emphasize on the artsyness.

To end the post, more food! We ate at 西門町台灣麵食 Seam Eett Taiwan Noodles, super high rating on Open Rice (one of the greatest creations in HK).

鸡丝粉皮, in other words.....vermicelli with shredded chicken? well according to, 粉皮means sheet jelly made form bean/sweet potato starch. Yeah, no idea. But I love the peanut sauce.

What Dawn, my other friend Katic and I all had. One of my must haves for Taiwanese food, 卤肉饭. Basically minced beef with rice. So much more than it sounds. The sauce is delicious.

What Chloe had, 牛腩面. Beef tendon. It had a lot of....tendon.

So much other stuff to post....too lazy and no time. 3 group projects for Marketing, Management and my Mandarin language classes. So many deadlines to meet. Hopefully I'll have some time to update soon.

Thursday, November 11

H&M Holiday 2010

Looking through H&M's Holiday Collection! Some of my favorite looks.
(All images from H&M's website)

Shirt HK$99, Blazer HK$299

Dresses HK$99
I want!

All in one HK$199, Dress HK$299

Waistcoat HK$99

Shirt HK$99
So adorable, especially the little girl!

Corset HK$99

Slip HK$99

Blazer, left HK$399, right HK$199

Dress HK$99

Top HK$199, Skirt HK$149

Dress HK$349, Shirt HK$99

Dress HK$199

Shirt HK$99

Sweater HK$99

Sweater HK$149

Dress HK$349, Jumper $149

Can't wait for winter break to come, shopping for Christmas presents, vacation to Australia and going home!