Sunday, November 21

What's that?

Qu'est-ce que c'est?

Yes, the ring I just posted about!

So happy to get my hands on it! It was HK$39.9. Not bad :D

Other than that, nothing really out of the ordinary happened. Just my shoe broke, no biggy.

I was walking in Uniqlo and it just broke... -_- I've only had these for half a year, too! :( It must be all those times of having my flip flop stepped on by everyone..

This seems to always happen to me. The other time, I was in Shatin and boarding the train to go find my grandma in Kwun Tong. It was super crowded on the train, and I stepped on, but then got back off cause there was no space. And right when I was getting off, my shoe fell off the doors closed. So then I tried to tell the lady to give me my shoe at the next stop. Luckily, I found it at the next stop, but had to endure all the embarrassment and stares while waiting for the next train to come to get to the next stop. Silly old me.

So, went to H&M to find some shoes. Luckily I had someone to hold on to while I slid my foot on my flip flops all the way down from the 3rd floor of the mall to the first floor.

And now, I have some new shoes to wear in the winter (HK$129). I guess it's somewhat a good thing my flip flops broke, since I was meaning to get a new pair of shoes. I left my converse in Beijing and really don't want to wear my Nike's anymore. Originally, I was planning on getting the grey pair of sneakers from H&M but they didn't have my size. They were also cheaper too! :(

I really do have the worst luck with shoes. I have photos to prove it...

I think it's partly because I walk super fast. I just have a problem with wasting time walking slow.

Sad face. Only had these for about half a year too, just like my Havaianas! And this happened around October. I haven't worn them since.



And another time...

I was going to class and the bottom of my shoe fell apart, so I had to slide my feet on the ground outside (impossible). Maybe I should convince my mom to invest in quality shoes for me!

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