Thursday, November 11

H&M Holiday 2010

Looking through H&M's Holiday Collection! Some of my favorite looks.
(All images from H&M's website)

Shirt HK$99, Blazer HK$299

Dresses HK$99
I want!

All in one HK$199, Dress HK$299

Waistcoat HK$99

Shirt HK$99
So adorable, especially the little girl!

Corset HK$99

Slip HK$99

Blazer, left HK$399, right HK$199

Dress HK$99

Top HK$199, Skirt HK$149

Dress HK$349, Shirt HK$99

Dress HK$199

Shirt HK$99

Sweater HK$99

Sweater HK$149

Dress HK$349, Jumper $149

Can't wait for winter break to come, shopping for Christmas presents, vacation to Australia and going home!

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