Tuesday, March 31


  1. H&M Grey Tee
  2. Navy Blue Skirt
  3. Peacock Necklace
  4. Black Tights
I was in Hong Kong over Spring Break and I was really looking forward to the sun but it rained everyday and it was so foggy! I thought my grandma was crazy when she said me "the sky's cleared today!" Ooh and I wish I had the guts to go up to people and take street style photos but I didn't so I had to resort to stalking. Pictures coming up in my next post when i'm not so "busy". Off to sleep...

Mockery or Coincidence?

via ButterBoom

A recent ad campaign for Tough Jeans featuring Gillian Chung. Is it just me or is this hilarious? She was one of the "victims" (notice my quotation marks...) of the Edison Chen sex scandal last year. Maybe this is to send a message out to the youth about how she's "tough" and making a comeback. However, i merely just laughed when I saw it.

Friday, March 27

China's International Fashion Week

Many of you may not be aware, but China's International Fashion Week is happening as we speak, or I type and as you read. According to my reading sources, the theme this year is Simplicity - apparently attracting more attention due to the economic downturn. I don't know how they directly relate, but ok.

There are around 30 contestants from 18 regions showcasing their creations for 2009-2010 fall/winter series into the Workshop of Beijing's D.PARK. The pieces involved the favorite fall season colors of white, grey, and black, but also many daring contrasting juxtaposition colors with bold geometric designs, oversized volume, sophisticated folds and swirling corrugation.

Chen Jiawei, a senior student from south China's Shenzhen University won the top prize of the 'Hempel Award' with her white-colored collection, 'Dot-Line-Scene'. "She has drawn the elements, dot, line, scene, from the culture of China's Yi ethnic group, the pattern, style (of their costume) as well as the craftsmanship of ruffle making," said Chen's instructor after she won the award, "However, the overall design comes with a look of grandeur and elegance which may mirror a concept that's quite popular with Western designers. [Her collection] is actually a combination of something local and international."

The hooded designs are my favorite:

Some from the knitwear collection:

And a few more pieces by China's Central Academy of Fine Arts graduate students, Academy of Arts & Design Tsinghua University graduates, or Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology students:

And these ones... yes or no?

Monday, March 23


I'm a little late on this, but I just found these while browsing... they're amazing. Actually, amazing is an understatement! (Be sure to click for larger images.)

Subaquatic Beauty
Shot by Alix Malka for the June 08 issue of Japanese fashion magazine, Numero Tokyo
Model: Marcelina Sowa

My favorite of them all. The print on the dress is so gorgeous.

I love the green contrasted with the purple.

I love how the dresses flow and the color that makes each photograph so beautiful.

Some of his other works:

Ending with one of my favorites.

Click here for more photography by Alix Malka.

Saturday, March 21

The Deal With Leopard Prints

Leopards are running around the streets faster than tigers - especially when it is one of the most 'in' styles of the upcoming season. For example:

Just Cavalli Spring Summer 2009 Milan Ready To Wear
Although this dress is full of colors and different animal prints, but somehow it all seem to pull itself together elegantly.

However, many, many, MANY times, the leopard print becomes too much of a 'try-hard' fashion style. Here are a few examples that I will not even bother commenting as I feel it is very self explanatory:

I didn't want to specifically attack anyone so I only uploaded pictures of items that make me wonder what the designer was thinking, or lack thereof. However, I came across this one picture that I can not help but share:

Why are they not filming a comedy called 'The Pink Leopard' starring Paula Abdul?

Just to alleviate some of the bitchiness I am radiating right now, I will post up the newest Spring/Summer '09 campaign for Just Cavalli featuring the legendary supermodel Kate Moss with several leopard print pieces that work.

So, Unless you have a good sense of judgment, or you're Kate Moss, please just stick to being human and leave it to the leopards to do their job of wearing their skin.

Thursday, March 19

Monday, March 9

Style Icon: Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams has such great style, nerd-chic and preppy yet still hip-hop influenced. His brand Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream has some cool stuff. I would definitely want to dress like him if I were a guy!

In London for his new Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream collection at Harvey Nichols. Loving the cardigan with the lining and pocket detail, as well as his blue sneakers.

At the Louis Vuitton Party in Dec 08. Love the pink shirt and the vest, and the mix of jeans with a more formal look on top.

The blue outfit on the left looks great on him. At the 2007 Louis Vuitton Ready-To-Wear front row on the right. Again, the simplicity. Love the light blue sweater.

At the opening of his BBC/Ice Cream NYC Flagship Store opening in Nov 07. I love the grey cardigan paired with his t-shirt.

Outside of the David Letterman show. His blue sneakers bring a splash of color to his outfit along with his red hat. I love that he wears clothing from his own brand, unlike the other celebs that "design" their own line.

Bow ties are so cute!

Such a great contrast between his Spongebob tee and his purple sweater (great color, I want it!).

Cool shot of Pharrell & Natasha Poly from Aug 08 edition of Russian Vogue

Interesting car design on t-shirt

Both are great jackets, one is denim, the other leather. Both textures look good on him.