Saturday, March 21

The Deal With Leopard Prints

Leopards are running around the streets faster than tigers - especially when it is one of the most 'in' styles of the upcoming season. For example:

Just Cavalli Spring Summer 2009 Milan Ready To Wear
Although this dress is full of colors and different animal prints, but somehow it all seem to pull itself together elegantly.

However, many, many, MANY times, the leopard print becomes too much of a 'try-hard' fashion style. Here are a few examples that I will not even bother commenting as I feel it is very self explanatory:

I didn't want to specifically attack anyone so I only uploaded pictures of items that make me wonder what the designer was thinking, or lack thereof. However, I came across this one picture that I can not help but share:

Why are they not filming a comedy called 'The Pink Leopard' starring Paula Abdul?

Just to alleviate some of the bitchiness I am radiating right now, I will post up the newest Spring/Summer '09 campaign for Just Cavalli featuring the legendary supermodel Kate Moss with several leopard print pieces that work.

So, Unless you have a good sense of judgment, or you're Kate Moss, please just stick to being human and leave it to the leopards to do their job of wearing their skin.


  1. .. yeah I think leopard prints aren't too attractive when they're worn within large surface areas. O_O

  2. HAHAHHAHA the pink leopard. LOL. you're so cool.

  3. i'd love a leopard print cardigan, or maybe a dress considering it's warmer now :)


  4. Oh I love leopard! that last photo is amazing.

  5. lol omg hahahaa paula abdul just looks bad in everything she wears LOL