Tuesday, March 31


  1. H&M Grey Tee
  2. Navy Blue Skirt
  3. Peacock Necklace
  4. Black Tights
I was in Hong Kong over Spring Break and I was really looking forward to the sun but it rained everyday and it was so foggy! I thought my grandma was crazy when she said me "the sky's cleared today!" Ooh and I wish I had the guts to go up to people and take street style photos but I didn't so I had to resort to stalking. Pictures coming up in my next post when i'm not so "busy". Off to sleep...


  1. nice basic outfit, and actually fits in with the HK aesthetic! glad u idnt go overboard, some of the girls there get crazy.
    and on gillian chung.. haha. i think she looks great in that picture thou!

    andrea xoxoxx
    Life In Technicolor.

  2. I like the simple colors. The pleats on the skirt are very nice.

  3. Hhahaah... stalking.. nice, Matilda. And I like that skirt a lot!