Monday, April 25

swollen eyelid, waiting for dinner, bootboot bad habits!

So a few days ago I was at Log-On at iSquare, and I bought three eyeshadow duo palettes and two blushes. And when I got back to the studio at night, I tried them them all on and went on with my daily makeup removal process. Then the next day I got a huge swollen left eyelid, but I know it's just normal dermatitis from makeup allergy, so there isn't much to worry about. Anyway, I called Log-On and they said they're perfectly willing let me exchange my items for other products. Except going back to TST is such a hassle for me since I live all the way at Shatin, and I'm lazy. So right now I'm contemplating on whether or not it's worth it to make a run back to iSquare to exchange my products for other stuff (that might just as well give me allergies too), or I should just keep them, and try them on again and hope it doesn't happen again? Give me advice! I've never gotten make-up allergies so I don't know if the product will give me dermatitis again or whether I can grow immune to it. I mean you can grow immune to certain viruses and bacteria, why can't your skin grow immune to its allergic chemicals? Some people grow immune to their grass/dog/cat allergies... I would think it applies with makeup too. My conclusion for now though, is just to keep them in my purse and if I'm ever around the area, I'll just pop in and exchange it!

Yeah good story...

So I'm just waiting for the bf to finish his stupid essay so I can go out and have dinner! Here's a quick iphone pic of my outfit:

h&m black tank, initial white silk overalls, black cardigan from a market in beijing

Aw man, my puppy just peed on the floor! Angry angry. For all you puppy owners out there, do they ever seem to FORGET that they're potty trained? Honestly, my puppy's got his phases. He's either super good with his peepee and poopoo, or he goes and rebels against everything he's learnt and does it wherever he wants to. I really wish I knew what he's thinking. He knows he's only allowed to pee on his nappy and whenever he pees on the floor he hides afterwards because he knows I'll scold him, but he does it anyway! How retarded is that?! Is he really mentally retarded? How much does it cost for a puppy IQ test, I really want to get one. Man if he keeps doing this for the rest of his life, I think I'm going to give him to the animal shelter very soon. Haha, just kidding. He's too cute to give away.

Alright, time for me to head out to dinner!

Bootboot says bye!

Winter Outfit

Mom's Zara sweater, H&M long sleeve shirt, Zara maxi skirt, boots from Gmarket, vintage Coach bag

Sorry for the shitty quality. No motivation to blog these days. Failing miserably on my "learn-more-about-fashion" project. But you know, you just have those days where you don't feel like doing anything. So yeah, posting old photos instead.

Got half of the stuff I'm wearing during winter break. Bought my mom the Zara sweater for her Christmas present. You know it's a good present when you can use it too. As for the boots, my sister ordered them online from Gmarket, the Korean version of Taobao, and gave me one pair.

Friday, April 22

tomboynomore clothing launch!

hi everyone!
another new collection is up! go check it out!

ps. also new layout. i think it's easier to use than the one before. it's neater. mat said the one before is not organised.. so this one should be better! it just has a missing header... gotta do that soon!

Wednesday, April 20

Forever 21 paying HK$11mil a month!

"In 3Q 2010, the market witnessed more solid leasing commitments by international retailers, after a US
fashion retailer – Forever 21 – secured 12,000 sq ft of retail space in Capitol Centre, Causeway Bay, for HK$11 million per month (hk$215 per sq ft per month) in the previous quarter."

That is a lot of money...

Tuesday, April 19

tomboynomore jewelry launch!

hi guys!
just launched a jewelry collection on!
the prices range from HKD25-95! honestly, that's SO cheap... all of it is so nice that i have to urge to keep them all to myself! of course i really did save a few ;)
so go grab your jewelry before someone else does!

preview teaser:

Saturday, April 16

Day 3: Joey Ma

Oh crap! Totally forgot to do one today. Does this still count? This will not be as crazy long as the other two since its 12 and I want to sleep. Anyways.

Day 3 will be about Joey Ma, a fashion blogger in Hong Kong.

Joey Ma at the Opening Ceremony x Lane Crawford event yesterday
(image from Lane Crawford)

I first noticed Joey when I was going through the photos on the LC website. To be quite honest, I'm not one for guys in skirts. But I do have to say I was intrigued. Thus began my search through his blog, entitled I N D I V I D U A L I T Y, which I definitely recommend you to check out cause he's fearless when it comes to the way he dresses.

(images all from his blog, except LC photo)

In his photos, he can look super scary with his straight face, but after watching the Vimeo video at the top of his blog page, he actually seems super nice!

Is it silly that I chose this photo cause it was posted on my birthday? Heehee. I feel like his outfits would look great on girls too.

I particularly love the choice of background in this shot!

Okay, off to finish off some work before bed. Please do check out his blog here & watch the interview video!

Thursday, April 14

Day 2: Diana Vreeland

Today's fashion figure is Diana Vreeland.

Diana Vreeland in the early 1980s
(all images from getty images)

Some information from Wikipedia:
Diana Vreeland (July 29, 1903, Paris, France – August 22, 1989, New York City) was a noted columnist and editor in the field of fashion. She worked for the fashion magazines Harper's Bazaar (Fashion Editor, 1937-1962) and Vogue (Editor in Chief, 1963-1971) and the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Consultant, from 1971).
With Harper's Bazaar magazine editor Peggy LeBoutillier working on the Paris fashion show layouts

Other random facts:
She was portrayed in the movie Factory Girl (2006).
While working at Vogue, she discovered Edie Sedgwick.
She was fired from Vogue in 1971.
There's another article titled "The Divine Mrs. V" by New York Magazine which is quite long so I won't include, but its an interesting article about her life. Some of the things they talked about were her "signature epigrammatic style" of writing in her column "Why Don't You" based on the theme of "Don't just be your ordinary dull self", her mother's comment about how "It's too bad that you have such a beautiful sister and that you are so extremely ugly and so terribly jealous of her. This, of course, is why you are so impossible to deal with", and in one memo she instructed her Vogue staff to all wear bells at the office.

circa 1955: Diana Vreeland wearing a tube top and mini skirt, holding a leopard print purse, umbrella, and a cigarette, Southampton, New York.
circa 1975: Diana Vreeland points to a hole in a blouse worn by Empress Elizabeth, which was caused by an assassin's bullet, on display at an exhibition, probably at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City
At the opening for the Glory of Russian Costume Exhibition

With Bill Blass during her Costume Exhibition on December 8, 1980 at Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City
A photo shoot in 1976 at her residence in New York
Well she's certainly an inspiration. To me its being criticized by her mother yet she is still able to go out there and be something.

Wednesday, April 13


It's been awhile since I've updated. Been so busy with quizzes, recruitment talks, sleep, and such. One of the many things was the recruitment talk for Lane Crawford's Graduate Leadership Program.

It was quite interesting learning more about what goes on behind the scenes and Lane Crawford, as opposed to what I usually think about it (the nice clothes and accessories inside the store). They also gave out these super cool information packets, with a CD, pencil, post-its, sticker, and some further information about the program and how it works.

 The inside cover, with photos of their events for the Lane Crawford staff and other events. Together, it makes up a heart.

 The inside: post-its, LOVE Lane Crawford sticker, pencil, and info pamphlet.

Anyways, as I've been frantically looking for summer internships and future jobs and such, it made me think about how I really don't know much about fashion. What particularly made me realize this was when one of the presenters at the recruitment talk asked if anyone knew who Anna Dello Russo was, I wanted to pinch myself for not knowing because I've heard her name before. Yes, it makes me ashamed of myself just to think about it. So what I'm thinking is a project (for lack of a better word) where I'll blog about one person from the industry a day, whether they're a designer, photographer, editor, fashion director, whatever.

So today I've picked Arthur Elgort.

One of the reasons I love photography so much is fashion photography. There's just something so appealing to me about all the colors (or lack of in B&W shots), clothes (of course), models, emotions, mood created from just one shot of the camera. Anyway, I was reading Coco Rocha's Tumblr post about Arthur Elgort and it made me interested.

Thursday, April 7

One month plus late

So I am just now catching up on the FW11 fashion week collections.

Current obsession: this LV clutch/handbag. Loving the rough texture of the monogram over the smooth material of the bag. Also loving the bag straps and the buckle. Really just loving it all.