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It's been awhile since I've updated. Been so busy with quizzes, recruitment talks, sleep, and such. One of the many things was the recruitment talk for Lane Crawford's Graduate Leadership Program.

It was quite interesting learning more about what goes on behind the scenes and Lane Crawford, as opposed to what I usually think about it (the nice clothes and accessories inside the store). They also gave out these super cool information packets, with a CD, pencil, post-its, sticker, and some further information about the program and how it works.

 The inside cover, with photos of their events for the Lane Crawford staff and other events. Together, it makes up a heart.

 The inside: post-its, LOVE Lane Crawford sticker, pencil, and info pamphlet.

Anyways, as I've been frantically looking for summer internships and future jobs and such, it made me think about how I really don't know much about fashion. What particularly made me realize this was when one of the presenters at the recruitment talk asked if anyone knew who Anna Dello Russo was, I wanted to pinch myself for not knowing because I've heard her name before. Yes, it makes me ashamed of myself just to think about it. So what I'm thinking is a project (for lack of a better word) where I'll blog about one person from the industry a day, whether they're a designer, photographer, editor, fashion director, whatever.

So today I've picked Arthur Elgort.

One of the reasons I love photography so much is fashion photography. There's just something so appealing to me about all the colors (or lack of in B&W shots), clothes (of course), models, emotions, mood created from just one shot of the camera. Anyway, I was reading Coco Rocha's Tumblr post about Arthur Elgort and it made me interested.

From the Staley-Wise Gallery:

Arthur Elgort created a sensation in his 1971 debut in British Vogue when a breath of fresh air wafted into the world of fashion photography. His free and easy snapshot style freed his models to move. Young and pretty models wore less make-up, were more casual and lively and moved about freely in the natural light and outdoor locations such as city streets, pools, and beaches which characterized his style. Elgort quickly became one of the best known and most emulated photographers and his influence changed the face of fashion photography.

Arthur Elgort was born in 1940 and raised in New York City. He studied painting at Hunter College and transitioned to photography. He attributes much of his spontaneous and liberated style to his lifelong love of music and dance, especially jazz and ballet. In his long career he has worked on major advertising campaigns, as well as on French, Italian, British Vogue and American Vogue, where he continues to work today. He has published several books, including Personal Fashion Photographs, 1983, and the best seller Models Manual, 1994.
 Some of the photos from the exhibition (taken from the Staley-Wise site):

Kate Moss at Café Lipp,
Paris, VOGUE Italia, 1993

  Karlie Kloss, Teen VOGUE, 2007 

Fire Island, 1976

Christy Turlington at La Coupole, Paris, British VOGUE, 1988
Kate Moss on Fiat,
Paris, VOGUE Italia, 1994
This shot is so timelessly chic and there's so much attitude in it.
Andre Leon Talley, 1991
Yves Saint Laurent, circa 1970
Maggie Rizer, VOGUE, 1998
I especially love this one! The contrasting background with the two subjects, along with the red, white and blue.

Midsummer Night's Dream, The Economist, 2008
Christy Turlington holding up Linda Evangelista,
VOGUE Paris, 1989
The Studio Wall, Elgort's choice images of personalities, models and places.
Sasha Pivovarova for Vogue 2009, "The Wedding Party" editorial
(image from aoife herrity photography)
These are just a few of his countless photos that he has captured. It's just amazing to see that his older work is still so inspiring and full of life. And that's what I love about photography, each one has it's own story.

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  1. I like this idea! Keep it up! We will all learn something!