Friday, March 27

China's International Fashion Week

Many of you may not be aware, but China's International Fashion Week is happening as we speak, or I type and as you read. According to my reading sources, the theme this year is Simplicity - apparently attracting more attention due to the economic downturn. I don't know how they directly relate, but ok.

There are around 30 contestants from 18 regions showcasing their creations for 2009-2010 fall/winter series into the Workshop of Beijing's D.PARK. The pieces involved the favorite fall season colors of white, grey, and black, but also many daring contrasting juxtaposition colors with bold geometric designs, oversized volume, sophisticated folds and swirling corrugation.

Chen Jiawei, a senior student from south China's Shenzhen University won the top prize of the 'Hempel Award' with her white-colored collection, 'Dot-Line-Scene'. "She has drawn the elements, dot, line, scene, from the culture of China's Yi ethnic group, the pattern, style (of their costume) as well as the craftsmanship of ruffle making," said Chen's instructor after she won the award, "However, the overall design comes with a look of grandeur and elegance which may mirror a concept that's quite popular with Western designers. [Her collection] is actually a combination of something local and international."

The hooded designs are my favorite:

Some from the knitwear collection:

And a few more pieces by China's Central Academy of Fine Arts graduate students, Academy of Arts & Design Tsinghua University graduates, or Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology students:

And these ones... yes or no?


  1. ooo those are so cool, I especially like the gray pieces with the sheer hats

  2. Wowowowo some of these are SOOO cool!

  3. hmm. not really liking those shose in the second last pic! hahah fur. aksdljfkl;sdfj

  4. these are some fantastic runway shots! the black and white gown is a definite favorite.

  5. Ohmygod, I'm completely blown away... this is incredible!! xxx

  6. Wow these are sick! I would die to have the blue hooded outfit!! And the knits! And NOOO to the umm printed blue prints outfit (or whatever they call it) haha. They just look wrong to me but other than that all the other pieces are just amazing! :)

  7. I love China's fashion week, even if it's not /that/ well known. I'm going to have to give a big NO to the outfits in the picture right below your "yes/no" question. The sleeve. D:

    Do you have more pics from Dot-Line-Scene? Or maybe a link?