Friday, December 3

Forever 21 Rumor?

Awhile back, Chloe posted about Forever 21 opening in Hong Kong. I know many people have been waiting and waiting and waiting for the news of the exact locations. According to the article Chloe read, it was possibly opening where the big Giordano is by the MTR exit F in Causeway Bay now.

Well, by the looks of it, it doesn't seem like Giordano will be closing down any time soon. I've also been digging through Forever 21's website, trying to find any press articles or new stores. Just today, I came across their new stores list.

No sign of Hong Kong opening a new store. So then I went and looked for when the Shibuya store would be opening, and I found a post from Fashion In Japan that said the store would be opening in January.

So, is Forever 21 in Hong Kong just a rumor then? I'm thinking so. Or maybe Giordano's lease isn't up yet, and Forever 21 will be opening there in a year's time?

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