Monday, December 6


Wore this out to lunch with my mom and brother during the summer in August for Japanese food nearby our house back when I was still in Beijing.

Zara military jacket, plain white tank from a market, H&M skinny jeans, my mom's old rhinestone key necklace, Pedder Red nude sandals and my mom's vintage Celine bag

So sad my sandals are breaking :( Didn't even wear them that much!

I absolutely love the chain on this bag!


So during the summer, my sister and I were digging through my mom's bag collection one night. I think we were talking about how many designer bags she had, and so we ran up to her closet. I seriously had no idea she had this bag! And there were tons of other awesome bags. We have a "rental" system right now. I get this, and my sister gets another. Love, love, love love LOVE this bag! The shape is great, the chain is great and the color. The only problem is that it needs a little polishing.

While I'm talking about bags and the summer, I was actually planning on doing a bag post for awhile now. This summer, I got 4 bags (including this Celine).

First bag, from my sister. A vintage Coach from New York. This bad is nice and convenient for when I'm just in a rush to go out and run errands or grab dinner.

My Mulberry Alexa fake from Beijing. I know fakes are baaaad but this was 80 RMB (almost the same as HKD, around 10 USD). 80 FREAKIN RMB! So cheap. I really liked the color. And it's somewhat different from the real one.

I love the amount of compartments that the inside has. A pocket in the back, a compartment with the zipper in the middle and small pockets on the inner front area.

The last bag I got was this Burberry purse from my mom and dad for my birthday. My mom was saying that I didn't really have a smaller purse for when I just want to carry my phone or money. But I was actually thinking the opposite. I don't have any big bags where I can throw everything in. I'm actually thinking this was better than a big bag (apart from the fact that I'd be too spoiled to be gifted a larger designer bag..) because my shoulder is usually dead after carrying my agnes b. bag around for a few hours, even when it doesn't have that much in it.

I love the detail on the strap buckle, with 'Burberry' engraved on it. To be honest, I actually didn't like this purse that much at first, just cause I'm not really a purse kind of person. I feel like it's so...middle school? But it's somewhat grown on me.

Anyways, off to bed, way too unproductive day today. Back to more studying tomorrow, exams coming up :( sigh... On the bright side, Christmas is coming up, which means Christmas shopping and Christmas presents :D And Australia & Shanghai!

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