Wednesday, December 1

Totally unexpected

Just went to Diamond Hill to have dinner and do some shopping. As I was passing H&M and going up the escalator to the food court, I caught a glimpse of the Lanvin for H&M floral patterned dress. Immediately, my friend and I went back down the escalator and ran for the rack!

The only things left were two floral patterned dresses, a blazer, a trench with the fur trim, faux fur coat and the puffed sleeve black dress.

This coat was $2990 and size 32. Normally I wear 36 for coats, since I have wider shoulders but it seemed to fit okay. I decided to just go for it and so I bought it. I have 7 days to decide if I want to return it. After getting it, I decided to go for dinner and go back to H&M after. Had to get the jacket before someone else did!

I think it was size 38 or 40 that was left.

Same as this one. Size 38 or 40 I think.

Didn't look that great in real life. I don't know, just not my style.

I think this one was 38 too.

I might also have seen a girl holding the gold dress, but I didn't see it on the rack and that was my second time into H&M when I saw her holding it by the rack.

And of course, all the accessories were sold out except for these shoes.

In the men's section, there were three coats, a dress shirt, cardigan, and trousers.

Bought this coat for my dad. Hopefully a size 50 will fit him and he'll like it. Kinda plain. Still deciding..

I think these trousers had a little buckle thing at the back of the trousers, can't find another pair on the H&M website that looked like the ones I saw.

The dress shirt.

Took some pics of the trench & jacket I got, will post later.

If anyone is still looking for some Lanvin for H&M, then go now to Diamond Hill's Plaza Hollywood!

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