Friday, December 10


Zara top, grey Uniqlo cami, green Zara TRF shorts, vintage bag

Ignore my yucky eyebags and pimple. This is what I wore in October for a visit with my dorm to the Hong Kong Arts Centre for the Popping Up exhibition, as well as dinner and shopping with Chloe in TST. I'm already missing the sunny weather for shorts and short sleeves. When it's hot, I want it cold, and when it's cold, I want it hot. Well it's kind of in between hot and cold. I want proper cold weather with coats and gloves and many layers of clothing.

Anyways, I love this vintage bag that I got in Prague when I went to Europe with my friends. I still remember making it my goal to go vintage shopping and come back with loads of vintage goods. But stupid me, of course everything will be relatively pricey. However, I'm glad I came across this bag.

It's big enough to fit all of my things in. And there are pockets in the front and back on the outside. And there's also a smaller one on the inside with a zipper. The only problem is that being vintage, it's got all these makeup stains on the inside. Its kinda gross, but in a way weird to think about what the owner was like.

And of course, a trip out will not be complete without me spending money. I have always had a thing for basics and this top from H&M just couldn't pass! It's super soft and convenient for when I don't feel like thinking about what to wear. Plus it's $79.90!

Lastly, to complete everything, I had to be a stalker of course and take pictures of this girl. Though individually, the pieces she wore were okay, I wasn't really feeling her overall outfit choice.

It's kind of hard to see her complete look since I could only get shots of her from the back. But is it just me, is it not weird?

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