Tuesday, October 12


I've been super busy with studying for midterms last week, and having my midterms this week. I just had one yesterday and another three starting tomorrow, so life SUCKS.

But here is a quick post on two outfits in September. Nothing special, really. They're shit quality from Photo Booth cause I can't be bothered to take out my Nikon and I also don't want to ask anyone to take photos for me.

September 10, 2010

Super casual day. Gets hard to dress up in college when everyone else is wearing student society t-shirts. I'm wearing my Danny Roberts shirt that my sister gave me. She just so happened to get an extra when she ordered hers! Lucky for me! Also wearing my green Zara TRF shorts from aaaages ago.

September 30, 2010

New buy. Sheer dress shirt from H&M. Saw it in the H&M Magazine while dropping by Diamond Hill to check out the new store and just had to have it! And as you can see, I don't like to iron my clothes. Worn with H&M skinny jeans and my mom's vintage Celine bag, which I've been meaning to post about but I'm super lazy. Hopefully around next week!

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