Wednesday, April 29

Matthew Williamson for H&M Summer Collection (part 1) - Women

Pics from the Matthew Williamson for H&M Collaboration Part 2 - Summer Collection are out. After seeing all the photos, I really, really, really want to shop. Warning: Image heavy post. I've split the post into 3 parts (Women's Collection, Men's Collection, and Campaign/Party photos). Enjoy!
All photos from H&M.

Part one: Women's Collection

Matthew Williamson uses a lot of patterns & colors and I'm loving it.

The details on the vest look great!

Flowy tops, so comfy looking!

I think the black dress looks a lot nicer than the pink top.

I like the details of the blue skirt, which was in the part 1 collection. Oh random but I share the same initials as Matthew Williamson!

Loving the blue dress.

Again, loving the patterns, especially the last one. Can't wait till exams are finally over so I can go swim.

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