Monday, April 27

DIY Bleached Jeans

Yes, I'm completely slow on this & yes, everyone has done it. But hey, they look great, so why not?

Anna Selezneva in Balmain.

I'm talking about the Balmain S09 RTW bleaches jeans (if you haven't already noticed, I love Anna Selezneva!) . I've spent the past two days.. well mainly the day before trying to get the same effect. But Christophe Decarnin's are way better! Wish I could afford $2000+ jeans.

The best 'before' photo I could find (sadly, I forgot to take a good pic before I started):

Anyway, so here is my take (in more detail than anyone cares). I actually started out by ripping the knee (yes, I know, a complete copy of Balmain's) as well as trimming the jeans shorter (were too long for me to begin with). Then I tried to use the (household) bleach I had at home but it wasn't strong enough. So, I bought a new bottle of bleach at Wal-Mart over the weekend and spent the remainder of my Sunday afternoon bleaching them.

I wet the jeans, wrapped them up in a ball and dipped them in enough bleach to cover the surface of the wrapped-up jeans. Then, in 10 minute intervals, i rotated them so that a diff spot would be bleached. I probably spent a total of 5 hours doing all this.

What I also did was trim off the pocket flap at the back since I never used the pockets before. This way I'll actually use them. The original color was the shade of that dark blue line. The jeans actually turned out a lot lighter after I rinsed them & they dried out.

I got rid of the second flap today.

Still have some more bleaching to do. Maybe shrink them to fit more like skinnies near the bottom. Anyway, back to reality. Won't be fixing these up until I'm done with my IB exams (less than 3 weeks to go!). So close, yet so far...