Monday, April 6

Spotted: In The Eight Five Two

Forgive me for posting such badly taken photos. It's hard to be subtle when you're stalking people!

These are photos taken all over Hong Kong during Spring Break.

Spotted on the Mid-Levels Escalator. Loved her long flowy dress with the dye at the bottom.

MTR Station. I liked her long sweater with the frill bag.

On the MTR. Lady reading the magazine. Simple tee paired with a belt and brown boots.

I just had to take a photo of him. I love his style. Black, white & red together look great.

Causeway Bay's City Super. Loved her bright pink leggings and neon green belt mixed with her black ensemble.

Causeway Bay Muji. Wetlook leggings with green flats, long grey tee under a black sweater. And an added 'oomph' to her outfit was her red hair!

Wanchai Tram station. I think the two girls were models. I loved both their sandals and although their outfits were simple, they looked great.

At Central H&M. Too bad you can't see her full outfit but I loved the electric blue flats with her long grey blazer and cute bag. Oh and her bob completed her outfit.

At Elements.

At the airport. I really liked the girl's simple outfit: a long stripes dress with a black jacket, leggings, and flats.

I loved the man's hat!

Last but not least, this lady was obviously not dressed for comfort! LV bag, prada boots. She brought a splash of color to all the others who were dressed down at airport.


  1. nice pictures, I love the last one haha. Yellow and pink <3

  2. Hahahah creepily stalking people instead of asking them for a picture? Nice ;p

  3. haha you must've had alot of fun...
    please post about your stellar buys.. i hope you found good things in HK. i went last summer and my best buy was... my sheer CK blazer (its on my blog) at a fraction of its original price!

    andrea xooxx
    Life In Technicolor.

  4. Such stalker-ish photos. Though, I have to say, I love those damn Prada boots.