Monday, April 30

Topshop in Shen Zhen

I've always wondered why there isn't Topshop in Hong Kong, seeing as it's available in Singapore and Japan, both comparable metropolitan cities in Asia.. Anyway, news is that Topshop is going to be having a "pop-up store", in other words a temporary store in ShenZhen, which is really convenient to get to by MTR (Lo Wu Station) from Hong Kong. The store will open in May 1st at King Glory Plaza, Renmingnan Road, Luohu ShenZhen (深圳罗湖区嘉宾路铂金广场).

I am expecting a lot of people going to be there on the first day, as May 1st is labor day, and also cause they are doing a promotion limited to the first day, where if you gather 50 people to enter the store at the same time, you get 15% off your purchase!

For more information and updates, you can following Topshop's Weibo account (equivalent to Twitter in China) and the Popup store website!

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  1. Funny! There was no announcement of that on the HK side! Did you end up going?

    Btw say hi next time! Hahaha... I must have been window shopping with a friend... :P