Wednesday, April 25

Revlon Polishes: Mock Snob, Guava, Buttercup

Yesterday I stopped by Watsons and picked up three nail polishes. Yesterday was their last day for 20% off on Top Speed polishes. The two I got from that collection is Mock Snob, and Guava. I also got from their Colorstay collection, Buttercup.

Left to Right: Revlon TopSpeed Mock Snob, Revlon TopSpeed Guava, Revlon Colorstay Buttercup

Buttercup is a really pretty pastel yellow. The formula is a little bit streaky but still workable. I applied three coats to get a better texture, even though I usually only like to wear two coats. The brush is really flat and thick, similar to the OPI ones. The Colorstay collection claims to last for 11 days, even though I would hardly ever want to wear a color for 11 days before wanting to switch it up. I'm quite excited to try Mock Snob and Guava in the next few days and will probably do a comparison swatch since the colors are a little similar, with Mock Snob more coral, and Guava pink.

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  1. ooh that's a pretty yellow. my sister just got China Glaze Lemon Fizz, which was actually on my wishlist! i quite like the brush of colorstay, derek got me Coastal Surf