Thursday, September 30


So this just showed up on my Facebook feed...

(source: YSL's Facebook page)

Never expected in a million years to find a photo of myself on there. That day was freakin hot and that was my attempt at staying cool in the heat.

I'm wearing: my trusty white Topshop tank (which I really need to get a new one cause I wear it so much that it's just so gross now), H&M denim skirt, red Pedder Red bag, an H&M chain necklace, and a big chunky chain that I got in Beijing for super cheap!

I got to Central an hour before they were going to start handing out the Manifesto and wristlet, and I thought it'd be on Wyndham Street again. But then I wandered to the YSL store and found a sign saying it was by Statue Square. Since Chloe was busy and planned to meet me right before they started handing out the stuff, I had to line up all by myself. It was like 1000 degrees outside that day and the lining up was quite unbearable, especially when there was no shade. But once they officially started, the line went pretty quickly. The wristlet was gone in maybe 10 minutes.

Anyways, here are some crappy photos I took on my phone cause I couldn't be bothered to bring my Nikon out that day. Sorry for the shitty quality in advance.

And just cause I'm posting crappy photos, here's another:

A new H&M opened up at Diamond Hill's Plaza Hollywood. The storefront is quite huge for a shop inside the mall. Looked around in it for a bit but it seemed a little small, just cause it's one floor and everything seems to be squished together.

Next post will include some better quality photos. Promise.


  1. What kind of wristlet is it? I am so happy to find a fellow Hong Kong blogger! =)

  2. It's the one I'm holding in the photo, kinda like tote bag material. I was just thinking last night how I forgot to post photos of the Manifesto and wristlet. I'll post up some photos in a bit!