Monday, May 16

Hello, Blogosphere.


There have been a lack of posts lately. Been rather lazy and busy, and also, been using Tumblr a lot more as it's easier to post random photos whenever I want. Anyway, I've been working like crazy on marketing reports and presentations and my language class report, and my social science class report and presentation. Been writing so many goddamn reports that I just really can't stare at Word any longer. 

On another note, me and Chloe, the other half to this blog, have decided to make this blog more of a lifestyle blog. We love fashion and all, but who can live without food?! Plus, it's much more affordable anyway. And being the third-culture kids that we are, we have a lot to share, whether it's our taste in food or travel across the world.

So yeah, I will now leave you with some of my photos from Cairns, Australia when I went with my family during winter break in Dec 10 - Jan 11. Enjoy.

So many bat sightings in Australia.

Chinese food on the first night. How typical of us.

Perfect for the stupid humid and crazy hot weather right now!

Dinner at Casa De Meze


 Really really good seafood, especially the fish. I could just eat the whole fish. And his other fish friends.

I think this is the weirdest bird I've ever seen. Its face reminds me of dried fruit peel.

Taken at the Cairns Tropical Zoo. One of the most fun days I've ever had.

At the bird show. I have to admit, it's somewhat terrifying having birds fly over your head.

Super cute lemurs!!

Ahhhhhh so cute. I just want to hug it so bad.

Okay, that's all for now, back to working.

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