Sunday, May 8

Leighton Meester for Vera Wang Lovestruck

The dress that Leighton Meester is wearing for the campaign is so pretty, and an absolute match with the perfume bottle. I've liked Vera Wang's scents from before, and recently I've been looking for a new perfume to buy. Of course, the Love, Chloe perfume is my first choice, but it's so expensive. It's double the price of all other perfumes. My bf says he is going to get it for me, but I told him not to because I know I wouldn't even want to wear it because each spritz is like.. 10 dollars. Anyway, totally off topic. I can't wait to see what Lovestruck smells like, and if I like it, it might be my new summer perfume!

The launch of this perfume was on April 29th in New York City at the home of Vera Wang. The new fragrance should hit stores this summer.

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