Sunday, May 8

Essie Braziliant Summer Collection 2011

My all-time least favorite color is orange. I've never fancied it and I barely have any orange in my closet, and definitely none in my nail polish collection. But maybe because it's spring and approaching summer, I've been seeing orange everywhere. It's starting to grow a bit on me, especially after seeing Essie's Summer Collection for 2011 (available in June).
Absolutely Shore, Braziliant, Smooth Sailing, Super Bossa Nova, Too Too Hot, Meet me at Sunset

I can't decide which one out of the collection that I wouldn't purchase. From the photos you can't really see the difference from the two orange shades, but according to Essie's description, Braziliant is a hot orange with a touch of shimmer, and Meet Me at Sunset is a vibrant deep orange. I think I would lean towards Braziliant more - it is the spotlight of the collection, and it sounds really appealing. I would probably buy Absolutely Shore, Smooth Sailing, and Super Bossa Nova too. I might pass for Too Too Hot but, the description says it's a coral red and I don't have that shade of red yet ;)

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