Tuesday, May 24

jewelry storage

I've never found a good way to store my jewelry. Before I would just keep them all in little bags, but it was difficult to find pieces that I wanted quickly. Then I got lazy and just stuffed them all in a pretty box, but then necklaces, earrings, and everything all got tangled up and it was even more difficult to get what I wanted to wear.
About a month ago, I found these clear 'medicine' cases that are absolutely perfect for jewelry storage. I'm so freaking happy about it, I open my cases when I have nothing to do just to admire all my pieces. They just look so much better organized, and I must admit I'm not a organized person in a way that everything in my room is super neat. Every time, probably about once a year, when I force myself to clean my room, you can expect the next morning for it to return back to the state it was in before I did any cleaning. But I'm pretty sure this 'medicine' case method will sustain for a while :)

Oh yeah, I'm on vacation already! I'm trying to get my boyfriend to help me take photos and update my blogshop for me because all my stocks are in Hong Kong. Except he's giving me the excuse that he doesn't have a camera... So we will all have to wait until he finally gets his bum to borrow a camera from anyone of my other studio flatmates for a jewelry collection update!

Here is photo I quickly shot with my phone of what I brought with me to vacation.

If you don't mind the hideous photo and to look carefully into it, you'll probably see a lot of items that are being sold at the blogshop. There are actually quite a few that will be in the upcoming collection too!

Also, because these medicine cases are working so well for me, I think I will bring them into the blogshop too. You can adjust the slots to change the sizes of the boxes inside, the small ones are adjustable horizontally, and the big ones are adjustable vertically. Anyway, I'll give a better description and have better photos when I have them up on the blogshop! I hope they will make you as excited as they are making me!

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