Tuesday, May 24

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I really wanted to share this because I just think it's hilarious. So my lovely mother has a hilarious trait of loving to feed people. She loves it when guests, especially children, eat a lot. Once my brother's friend came for dinner, and after dinner he ran to the bathroom and had to throw up, and probably never wanted to come back again.

Anyway, my parents are having this Silver Anniversary Wedding party in a few days and we are going to have relatives coming to Beijing. A lot of them are living with us and so my mom is obviously going to stuff the fridge with as much food as it can handle, this includes ice cream.

We have three levels for the freezer compartment and I opened it to find it like this...
(again, excuse the image quality because I'm too lazy to get a proper camera)

Level 1:
Level 2   
Level 3: 

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  1. HAHAHAH omg i love & miss your mom. and your family. that one time your mom was asking something and your dad was mocking her and rolling his eyes hahahah