Thursday, May 19

There's something about Canto culture I just don't get..

All these advertisements about slim beauty, finding all these women that are just plain ugly to me. They could have at least gotten someone better. But even if they did, it would still bug me.
Just looking at her face makes me NOT want to visit Slim Beauty. So try hard.
 And most of all, I hate this poster. Every time I see it I want to draw on her face.
Is it me or does her boob look seriously Photoshopped? Like a balloon waiting to burst?


  1. Have you seen the Linda Chung ads? I think that's her name- anyhow those aren't terrible but after a while being bombarded by weight loss ads, you kinda become numb to them!

  2. As a teenage beauty and fashion blogger and youtuber from HK, I understand completely, the first girl on the posters looks like she had her double lids drawn on and the hair of the second one looks like a wig ah XP