Sunday, May 22

PRC is the place to be

People have the misconception that China is a very horrible place. Truth be told, I sometimes like it way better than Hong Kong. Yes, the people there can kind of be rude and love to shove and don't really have any manners and they may have bad etiquette, BUT can't you say the same about people in Hong Kong too? How many times have you been on the MTR during rush hour and have had a bunch of people shove into the train where there is physically no more space for them to even be on it?

Anyways, just thought I'd share my perspective on China. There's so much more to it that people don't know about. And having lived in China for at least 16 years of my life, I thought I'd put my "knowledge" to good use and blog about it.

Source: SmartShanghai

My family recently moved to Shanghai, and over the winter break (yes that was ages ago, and I am only now blogging about it), I visited the Lolo Love Vintage store after hearing about it from H&M's fashion video (side note: what kind of name is Leaf Greener...?).

My boyfriend visited me during winter break so of course I forced him to find the store with me. After searching for hours over a period of 2 days, we finally found it. Tucked inside one of Shanghai's tiny art communities, which is going to be/has been destroyed, on 696 Weihai Road, is this hidden gem. It has now moved to Wuyuan Lu. The shop was opened by Chinese stylist & make-up artist Lolo who has worked with models Emma Pei, Fei Fei Sun and Shu Pei Qin. My initial impression was that the store was in a super dingy area, but upon entering, it was quite cute. I think I'll let the photos speak for themself now!

Both photos taken by my boyfriend. I was pretty lazy and didn't feel like getting properly dressed up, hence my ugly face & glasses.

Above 2 photos- Image Source: SmartShanghai
If you're ever in Shanghai, make sure you pay this place a visit! More must-go places on China in upcoming posts! Back to studying my bioengineering notes :'(


  1. First thing - how did you get permission to take photos inside the store? I couldn't even take photos of a shop *window*! Stingy shop staff, sigh. The stuff looks really cute in the shop!

    One thing about etiquette - it really depends on the place, but whereas there is a proper line system for buses in Hong Kong, my memory of Beijing/Shanghai was that people never line up. (I say it depends on the place because in America, some towns don't have the whole lining up culture either).

  2. So do you live in HK or shanghai now? This is a great post- if I go to Shanghai I definitely want to visit this place! Is the stuff cheap and do they sell more 'Chinese vintage' or imported thrift stuff from the StateS?

    In regards to my clothes I get it at Fa Yuen St. :P you probably know that area of Prince Ed!