Friday, June 10

Working Girl

Few months ago, for my Human Resources Management Class last semester, I had a course project where we had to watch a movie and evaluate HR-related issues in the movie. And so I had the mindset that the movie would be super boring, being a movie chosen for a course. Little did I know I would love the movie. 

The movie we chose was Working Girl from 1988. Turned out that Harrison Ford, Alec Baldwin and Joan Cusack were in it. The main character is played by Melanie Griffith. The plot of the movie: "When a secretary's idea is stolen by her boss, she seizes an opportunity to steal it back by pretending she has her boss's job." (source: IMDB)

Being me, I focused on the fashion rather than on HR. LOVED the bags. Here are my screenshots.

Trying on her boss' clothes

Love that dress, which is the one she's wearing below!

So cute in those glasses!

Uh oh, boss is back.


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