Saturday, September 12

Must. Have.

I am determined to save up!! It will take forever, and by the time I'm done, it'll be gone...BUT...we'll see. What am I talking about?

The Chloé Python Paraty Bag
Source: Net-A-Porter

So I know I'm supposed to be Buddhist and not kill animals, but that bag is so tempting. I'm a bad Buddhist...

Also in Black.
Source: Geek Purses

There's two sizes, medium is around HK$20,000 and the large one is around $30,000. Well, I guess I will be starving myself for the next year! Just kidding. We'll see...

While drooling over the Paraty, I also liked two other finds:

Philip Lim Maxine Bag (around HK$6300)
Source: Otte-à-Tete Blog
After more thought, I'm not sure if I still like this bag (if you know what I mean :p)

Marc Jacobs Thrash Bag quilted leather clutch (around HK$9000)
Source: Net-A-Porter

On a different note, Fashion's Night Out was in Beijing?!?!! Never knew...

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