Tuesday, September 15

Dusty sands and desert skies

Which one is better? I prefer the one on the right.

Hervé Léger by Max Azria Spring 2010 Ready To Wear Collection
I think I have a new hero! This collection is so stunning, I want to post every image. These bandage dresses are really killing me.

These dresses really show off a girl's curves!

I love how they're so playful without having too much color.

Which is better? I like the one on the right more.

Both colors look great.

The look on the right is so ballerina-like.

The shiny material emphasizes on the curves, good for the girls that don't have curves!

I love the mix in texture for the first look.

I am speechless over this aqua number. Wow. And the orange beading is just exquisite.

To end, a fabulous photo of the man himself, Max Azria, and wife, Lubov Azria.

Image source: Style.com

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