Monday, September 28

The Golden Age of Couture

One word: AMAZING!!

I'm talking about the exhibition that I mentioned before, The Golden Age of Couture: Paris and London 1947-1957. Sadly, photography was not allowed due to copyright issues, so I will do my best to find some of the stuff online!

Homage to Munkacsi
Richard Avedon
August 1957
(Coat: Pierre Cardin)

The poor quality of this image does not do the original version justice!

Dovima with Elephants for America Harper's Bazaar
Richard Avedon
(Dress: Christian Dior)

Even with two large elephants, the model steals the spotlight!

Afternoon dress for Princess Margaret
Designed by Jean Desses
Around 1951
Image Source: The Vintage Fashion Librarian

The pleating detail in the bust is exquisite. I want this dress!

Evening Dress (Robe du Soir Longue)
Designed by Jean Desses
Material: Chiffon
Around 1953
Image Source: The Fashion Spot

There are hints of Greek elements in this dress, which would be due to Jean Desses being Greek! This is a beautiful dress but I'd prefer it in a different color.

PĂ©rou evening dress (far right)
Designed by Christian Dior
1954-55 from the autumn/winter collection, Ligne H
Material: silk satin embroidered with gilt & silver metal thread
Image Source: V&A Museum

I couldn't find a proper image online, so this is the best I could get. This dress is quite breath-taking. It took 600 hours to complete the embroidery. Gotta give credit to Brossin de Mere, the person who did the work!

Anyways, this post doesn't really explain how great of an exhibition it was, due to my lack of photos. But the exhibition is moving on to Australia soon so if you're in Australia, you definitely need to check it out!

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