Saturday, March 24

Rescue Beauty Lounge The Fan Collection

I received this in my inbox 50 minutes ago and was in awe. RBL has launched their "The Fan Collection"  (where RBL fans submitted and voted for their "dream nail polish color") and is ready for preorder from Mar 23, 12pm- Mar 25, 12pm (EST). All four colors are so incredibly unique and beautiful that I want them all. 

Each bottle sells for USD20 each and shipping to Hong Kong would be another USD18.5, so if I were to order all four bottles including shipping it would equal to about HKD765. That is quite a sum for four nail polishes but I am so so so tempted to order. (Maybe I'll secretly forward this email to my bf and see if he's sweetheart enough to maybe gift it to me.)

You can view beautiful swatches via alllaquered up here. At first I was most lured in by halcyon but the swatch of it appears to be more murky and grey than I was hoping it to be. Aqua lily, on the other hand, surprised me with how bright and pretty it looks on the nails. Cuprum seems to be a bit more common, although the copper sparkles really do make it extraordinary. Orly came out with Sweet Peacock in their Birds of a Feather Fall 2011 Collection that is also an electric blue but with a foil finish which makes it not an exact dupe but a little bit similar. And ikb:2012 seems to be so pigmented that I don't think there are any other bright blue with the same quality and formula out in the market.

The collection will be available for purchase at the end of April.

What do you think of the colors? Are you as amazed as I am with them?

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