Friday, March 9

Breaking the cycle

Every so often, I will go on a streak and update the blog a lot. And then I reach a point where I stop and never update. And of course, I'm back again now. Who knows how long this will last. Nothing that exciting has happened since I last posted. Well, I guess Forever21 has opened, but that was rather disappointing. COS and J Crew will also be entering into Hong Kong. In terms of my personal life, I am now the proud owner of a toffee Alexander Wang Prisma tote and a white Phillip Lim eyelet peplum top.

And also some nail polish.

Deborah Lippmann Stairway to Heaven (source: Revolve Clothing)

Deborah Lippmann I Know What Boys Like (source: Deborah Lipmmann) I love how unique this shade is. It has a hint of purple in it and it's also dusty.

I do have a problem with nail polish though. For some reason, after using it just once, I'm just not excited about them anymore. I'm not saying I'd give up I Know What Boys Like or Peridot, but there are just so many products out there to try. The problem is that it's such a waste to buy so many and not use them up, though I've been quite good about it, I only own 15 bottles!

What's actually interesting is how my willingness to pay for nail polish has gone up so much in the past two and a half years. I still remember in my first year of college, I decided to "splurge" on a bottle of Revlon. Now, I will easily pay $180 for Deborah Lippmann. Actually, in general I've been obsessing over cosmetics rather than clothes, even skincare. After interning at a cosmetics company and really learning how to take care of my skin and the basics of makeup, I'm eager to try out a bunch of products.

Next on my to buy/try list is a nice red lipstick, gel eyeliner and some proper eyeshadow. Been reading Temptalia, which has tempted me to try MAC's Fluidline. I also want to try Bobbi Brown's eyeshadow. Maybe I'll go and shop tomorrow. I'll update on that...the next time I'm not too lazy.

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  1. temptalia is terrible, for a while i banned myself from reading her posts because they make you want to shop so freakin badly...