Monday, May 4

studded peeptoes that came between me and my IB studying

OK ok okokokokokkk I know I've got two months later to do a million of these if I wanted, but I couldn't resist!

Simple DIY Studding
Materials needed: victim shoes, studs, jewelry plier (if you have, I just used a metal nail filer...)

Step 1: take a last look of your old boring shoes

Step 2: stud stud stud away!

Step 3: throw on any outfit (when I say any, I mean any, studded flats go with anything!) and show off your new punkrockpretty shoes!

Ok, I lied. They don't really go with anything... I don't really see myself wearing these with my smelly senior sweater and baggy cropped jeans and bed hair, which happens to be what I will be wearing for the next two weeks due to the IB exams. So... they will have to stay in my closet for now.
However! If you like them as much as I do, you can pre-order a pair! Matilda and I will be selling stuffs after the exams!!! Shh... don't tell her I told you. I don't think we've established a date to publish the news about the revival of our business yet.

Anyway, I can't wait to wear them! "The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting!"


  1. Hehehe coool :) I like that! Hhaahhahaa (I promise that I'll keep that on the downlow)

  2. where'd you find studs? we were supposed to get them together

  3. Lol, love studs as well. I just need to buy some more so I can stud this awesome pair of grunge boots I won on ebay :)

    And the colour of the studded flats is too cool too, love them!