Monday, May 11

Diane von Furstenberg

The blog was in need of a new post, as much as I love those Met Costume Institute Gala dresses. However, I should be studying for my econ paper 3 exam tomorrow. Hm, opportunity cost.

Anyway, who better to blog about that Diane von Furstenberg. Love her to death. I want to become rich so I can afford all her dresses, they are so colorful and I love all the patterns. Detailed post on more of her later. Here's are some photos for now!

Diane von Furstenberg back in the day. Gorgeous!
Neiman Marcus

What a great thing to do. Design beautiful dresses to wear them yourself!

fall 08 rtw; those shoes are perfection!

spring 09 rtw; colorful prints & flowy dresses!
runway images through


  1. Ohh I really like that last dress <3 <3

  2. ahhh awesome dresses I love DVF's prints.

  3. Gorgeous images. Diane von Furstenberg is such an icon... her style never fades! xxx

  4. ahaah you are too cute--opp cost. man i remember those high school times. now its more headache in law sch.
    if u like prints wouldnt u just love pucci and dries!??!? either ways ive never been a DvF fan thou i have her stuff, but great prints you picked! :)

    andrea xoxx
    Life In Technicolor

  5. Not much of a Diane von Furstenberg fan but i must say her designs are pretty awesome :)

    And thank you for the birthday wish my dear! x