Tuesday, May 15

Hey, I put some new shoes on, and suddenly everything is right

So I used to think that the shoe stores in hk sold super tacky shoes, (eg. staccato, millie's, joy & peace..etc) but recently I have found myself liking their collections. Venilla Suite is a rather new brand that is under I.T. and last week I went with my mom and ended up buying 5 pairs of shoes! 3 for her, and 2 for me.

First pair is a python print wedge. I normally don't purchase heels unless I really like them, because I rarely ever get a chance to wear it. For one, I feel like a giant walking in the streets in hk, and two, because of the endless walking that I'd rather not do in heels. However, I tried these on for fun, and instantly fell in love. They are sooo comfy, I almost feel like I'm floating.

(Lol at Bootboot in the background)

The second pair, is a sandal that is from an italian brand which Venilla Suite carries: Pour La Vie. It's a little more expensive since it is a brought in brand. At first, my mom really liked it but then thinks its too 'young' for her, so she insisted I wear it. I love love love the hardware, makes it super edgy, but also quite chic, no?

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